3 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From A Cheap Self Storage Unit

Find out three important ways that your business can gain from the affordable, flexible benefits of a self storage unit.

A business in need of more storage

Lots of people associate cheap self storage with domestic use only and for good reason too. It can be so useful when you need to make room for a new baby or pet. Or for when you move home, or need to secure your things when you go on holiday. However, there are also lots of reasons that you can use self storage for business too.

There are many benefits to self storage for business use, and here are just 3 of the ways that your business can benefit from this efficient and flexible service:

1. Space For Stock

Warehouse and office rentals for stock storage are expensive. They also usually require you sign a contract for 12 months minimum, for the space you sign up for when you hire. There are lots of problems with this kind of setup. The cost, as we mentioned, isn’t ideal. But you also have no flexibility at all. You can end up with masses of space, during times you won’t actually have much stock. Or you may end up without enough space when you have a stock influx.

If you store stock at home, you’re also at risk of running out of space, and losing out on the functionality of your place because it is full of stock. Stock stored at home is also more at risk of seasonal damage, accidental damage and theft.

To avoid all of these common stock problems, why not opt for cheap self storage. You can switch up the size of space you need, when you need to. You can often have a monthly or even weekly contract. You also benefit from the plentiful security available at self storage units, and even 24/7 reception services to take deliveries.

2. Paperwork Storage

Paperwork can take up a lot of office space that could be otherwise used for better functionality of your business. Paperwork stored in an office can also be at risk of data theft, environmental damage and human error.

Storing paperwork in cheap self storage is beneficial, clearing room in the office and keeping sensitive paperwork safe. Even better, many self storage facilities offer secure shredding and digitisation services to help you conquer your excess paperwork problems on a more permanent basis.

3. Office Moves

Moving offices or warehouses is very stressful for any business. The logistics can be very tricky, especially if you are moving a lot of staff and they depend on IT systems to be able to do their jobs. By using self storage for your office move you can have extra help with the logistical side of things. Store older equipment until you need to move it into your new office. Place new furniture until your new office is ready, so you can prepare it properly for the day staff are able to move across. The flexibility can be so useful when the logistics of a business move are so challenging.

The 3 benefits of self storage for businesses listed above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how this flexible, affordable service can help your company. Why not use self storage today for a boost in flexibility that enables you to make smar

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