Desk set up for a remote worker

5 Tips To Help You Improve Your Home Office Lighting

Great office lighting changes like those below can boost your home office functionality and aesthetic. Working from home means cultivating a beautiful and functional office space that boosts your productivity. The quality of lighting in that space plays an important part in this cultivation because when it is done wrong, it can affect your mood, ... Continued

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woman showing frustration over problems with a house move

7 Common Ways A House Move Can Go Wrong

Here, have even more reasons to feel stressed about your house move… A house move is so stressful it sits in the top ten list of what most people consider to be a stressful life event. Stress can impact us all negatively, and even increases our risk of certain diseases and medical conditions so the ... Continued

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How To Prepare Old Paint For Repainting

Painting an old wall? It’s important to get the surface ready for repainting, so you get the best possible finish. A lick of paint added to any surface enhances its aesthetic, but only if the finish is well executed. The key to a perfectly painted wall is preparing it well before you begin applying fresh ... Continued

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5 Secrets To A Highly Productive Remote Worker Home Office

Find out what you need to do to ensure your home office keeps you motivated and ready to smash your career goals as a remote worker. Pre-pandemic, it was tricky to prove if people working from home were actually as productive as those working in the office. As we are deep into the pandemic and ... Continued

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Essential Storage Tips For Your Allotment

If you want to make the most of your own little slice of the outdoors, you should check out these allotment tips  If you own an allotment you’ve got your very own patch of land to enjoy, hopefully growing all kinds of gorgeous fruits and veggies for your family. With this kind of space at ... Continued

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Should You Hire A Professional Organiser?

Struggling with the clutter and untidiness in your home? Maybe it’s time to consider hiring a professional organiser who knows how to transform your space… Sometimes, no matter what our best intentions are, it can feel impossible to get our homes looking as tidy and organised as the ones we see on TV. Your self ... Continued

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How To Have A Planty Home Without Creating Mould

 Find out how to avoid nasty mould infestations when you have a planty home Creating a planty home is a lot of fun, and highly beneficial to your home aesthetic, air quality and mental health. It doesn’t come without its issues though, when it comes to impacting your home decor negatively. Some plants can drop ... Continued

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where to retire in the UK

Get Your Camper Van Organised With These 7 Hacks

Would you like to have a camper van that is as spacious and tidy as possible? These 7 easy hacks will get you there and then some.   Surveys tell us that potentially one in three new motorised leisure vehicles sold are campers. Having a campervan is an amazing thing. The ability to have endless ... Continued

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man working from home

5 Tips For An Easier Life As A Remote Worker

You need to check out these helpful tips to help you have an easier life as a remote worker. We all know the benefits of working remotely – freedom to choose your living location, choosing your own schedule, meeting lots of new people, experiencing new cultures – the list goes on. Of course, nothing great ... Continued

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7 Big Houseplants That Make A Real Statement In Your Home

Looking to get planty in a way that truly makes an impact? Checkout these gorgeous 7 houseplants with epic proportions giving you dramatic decor and style. You’ve placed all your clutter into cheap self storage and now you have room to be a little wild and a little creative with your decor. Could it be ... Continued

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