Self Storage When Moving House

How To Store A Mattress In 5 Simple Steps

Find out how to store a mattress household item so that it stays in great condition. Mattresses are not cheap items to buy even at the lowest of prices and realistically, most people can’t afford to be replacing them all the time. As with most items for the home, they have to be cared for ... Continued

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Garden party - drinks and glasses

How To Pack Mirrors Or Pictures For A House Move

Find out the best way to pack mirrors and pictures for a move to ensure they stay intact and avoid breakage. Mirrors and pictures are some of the most vulnerable household items when it comes to accidental breakage and damage that can happen during transit and storage. This can cause a real mess and even ... Continued

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5 Tips To Prepare Your House For A Garden Party

If you’re having a garden party this summer, this article will help you get your house ready so you don’t have a lot of mess after all the fun ends. Often when we hold a garden party the preparation focus goes on the garden rather than the house. Making it look beautiful, doing the weeds, ... Continued

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moving home with a dog (600 x 400)

10 Mistakes To Avoid When Moving With A Pet

Find out how to keep your pets happy and stress-free during your house move, with handy tips on which common mistakes to avoid. Moving house can be a real challenge, both physically and emotionally. In the midst of all the moving chaos, we can forget that moving with a pet is also stressful for animals, ... Continued

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A startup

5 Ways To Make A Success of Parenting And Remote Work

Find out about handy and helpful ways to keep your remote work situation and parenting responsibilities balanced well. An increase in the popularity of working from home, and the Covid-19 pandemic has meant a lot of parents have resorted to remote work, at least some of the time, over the last 12 months. Some 13% ... Continued

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upcycling ideas

Nature Therapy: The Green Spaces In London That Help You Take A Breath

Need a breather in London? Checkout these beautiful green spaces so that you can get the benefits of nature in the big smoke. The benefits of spending time in nature are far-reaching and you don’t have to miss out on the benefits of green spaces just because you live in London. There are many beautiful ... Continued

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Mindfulness in action woman by lake meditating

Why Does Decluttering Matter When It Comes To Your Mental Health?

Read about why decluttering is important when it comes to your overall happiness and well-being. From TV programmes to films, blogs, vlogs and podcasts, it feels like we are constantly being told to declutter. Declutter for joy, declutter for a better aesthetic, declutter for more space, declutter to save money – the benefits are supposed ... Continued

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The Thames and the London Eye

7 Tips That Will Help Make A Move To London Easier

Moving to London? These 7 tips will help you be more prepared so you have the best possible chance of your move to London being a success. Planning a move to London? Checkout these seven handy tips that will help things to be that little bit easier as you get used to the big smoke: ... Continued

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A party - make your own escape room

10 Free Activities To Enjoy In London

Want to enjoy London without it costing a ton? Checkout these 10 free activities to enjoy in the Big Smoke. London is an expensive city to live in, work in and visit – those are the facts. The good news is, though, that for a nice day out there are so many ways to cut ... Continued

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Desk set up for a remote worker

5 Ways To Save Money In London As A Digital Nomad

Working as a digital nomad in London? These tips will help you save money in this beautiful but expensive city. Over 9 million people live in London, and for good reason. It has culture, history, a fantastic foodie scene, a great nightlife, phenomenal architecture and a thriving economy. As a digital nomad location it’s kind ... Continued

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