Essential Tips For Moving To London

Find out useful tips to help you move to London with less stress and more efficiency, leaving you room to enjoy this huge change in pace. 

Houses in Holland-Park London

 Moving to London is not something people do lightly. That is because it is expensive, it is a  fast pace of life, and it is a real change from living outside of the city. Unlike moving to a house in your local town, moving to London takes a lot more planning. To help with your plan to moving to this incredible place, take a look at these essential tips for moving to London:

Have Alternative Accommodation

The best way to get a good deal on accommodation is to be in London and book viewings over the course of a week. If you want somewhere you have to act fast. Rather than commuting, have alternative accommodation booked and then hunt from there. This puts you in the perfect position to find the perfect place to live.

Get Back Into Life As Soon As You Can

When you move you may feel culture shock so it is important to get back into routine as soon as you can. Working, seeing friends and going for a sunday morning coffee all help with getting into routine again, and so, feeling more settled in.

Utilise Self Storage In London

Self storage in London is used by people who live there because the spaces most people live in are small. Some places are so small you don’t have room to have much of your own at all beyond the basics. So you don’t get rid of 90% of your things why not use self storage in London? It is readily available, affordable, and means you can still have more space to store things without having to sacrifice the rental space you have which is very expensive per square foot.

Get Around As Often As You Can

Getting used to getting around and exploring London will help you avoid that suffocated inner city feeling you can get when you live in London. This is especially true when you go to the green spaces which remind you that London isn’t just concrete and glass!

Deeply Consider Whether A Car Is The Right Choice For You

Cars can be handy in London and if you can afford to have parking then of course, keep your car. However, it may not be the right choice if you don’t have the money or if you won’t be using a car at all. It can be so expensive getting parking permits, or even just paying the tolls, so you can settle for public transport, which does cover most of London, then ditch the car.

Moving to London is difficult, but it is also an amazing choice if you want an exciting life where even your commute to work everyday brings something different. Do plan ahead, plan and then plan again to ensure you get the best possible chance at getting great accommodation and then settling in.




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