How Charities And Rescue Organisations Can Benefit From Cheap Self Storage


A charity image of helping hands. Cheap self storage help charities.Read about how cheap self storage can benefit not-for-profit organisations and businesses long-term.

Rescue organizations and charities are always working to minimise any costs that divert precious earned and donated funds from their focus cause. One huge drain of money is premises, which are often needed to maintain office staff and their work, as well as retail premises and any manufacturing that isn’t outsourced. For rescue organisations, a premium is paid for land to hold and care for the animals rescued.

With that in mind, it makes sense to consider any way to minimise either the costs of office, warehouse or working land, or things that take up precious space that you’re paying for. Self storage is an ideal solution to unnecessary spatial demands on charities and rescue organisations and if you are wanting innovative ways to reduce your storage costs, it could be a good service to consider as part of your annual plan.

The Benefits Of Affordable Cheap Self Storage As A Charity

When you’re a charity or rescue organisation, there is every reason to minimise the demands on funds as much as possible. As warehouse rental, office rental and land rental is expensive, it makes sense to use that space properly, and not for storing things like paperwork, stock and other items that you do not need instant access to. This is where self storage comes in. It enables your charity to store a wide variety of items including:

  • Paperwork
  • Extra office equipment
  • Stock
  • Seasonal items
  • Display/ presentation items

This then prevents your active rental space from being clogged up, leaving the charity to use it properly. The flexibility of self storage means that it not only provides extra space, but it provides it at a rate likely to be much lower than your office rent. In addition, you can minimise or maximise the space easily, so there’s no pressure of a one-size warehouse space that you’re tied into for a year. You can usually switch the space you’re using in self storage for minimal notice. You’re also likely to see much more security in your storage space than at your office. Self storage units know that customers rely on them to keep their things safe, so you can expect CCTV, lighting, lock points, security guards and more. So your charity stock is likely to be safer than it would be in your office, making it even more beneficial to utilise cheap self storage.

Find Self Storage For Your Charity Today

If your charity or rescue organisation is looking for a way to trim costs then why not consider cheap self storage? It could help you utilise expensive warehouse or office space you already pay for, whilst opening up new possibilities for additional stock and charity owned items. There are plenty of facilities with space to rent right now, just be sure to shop around to make sure that you get the best possible deal for your money.



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