Is Cheap Self Storage Better Than Using A Warehouse?

Find out how cheap self storage could be a better option than a warehouse when it comes to storing your business goods.

Cheap Self Storage Units

When you are growing a business that includes stock it can seem like a straightforward step from storing a small number of items at home to hiring a warehouse.

Cheap Self Storage Units Vs. Warehousing

Warehouses range in size and they can hold any number of items in preparation for distribution to your customers.

Warehouses are a great option for storing items, but did you know that cheap self storage can be a really great alternative? In fact, in some instances, they can be a better option for your business. Here’s why cheap self storage could be a much better option than a warehouse when it comes to storing your stock:

Money Saving

Spending money on storage is a necessary cost, and for that reason, getting it as cheaply as possible is really important. Spending money on a huge warehouse can cost a lot more than spending money on a storage space that is the size you need, and the costs will include the land the unit is on and the running costs too.

Close Proximity

Often, because of the size of the warehouse, the location can be far away from your office. This can make it difficult to tend to your stock as often or as easily as you would like. Self storage however is likely to be closer because self storage facility owners know that most of their customers want to be within an easy distance to their belongings. You can find a lot ot self storage units in city centres and placed within easy proximity of towns and cities.


With a warehouse you may find that you have to hire your own security or the security is not as extensive as you might like. With self storage, the whole point in the service is to keep your items safe, so the security on offer is usually of a high standard. You can expect CCTV, 24/7 reception, excellent lighting, lock systems and more, which is much better for protecting your goods compared to warehouse security.

Room For The Ups And Downs Of Business

Any business has its ups and downs, but particularly new businesses and SMEs where growth can be turbulent. Warehouse contracts can be extremely detrimental to these periods of growth and shrinkage because you might only need more room for a month, but you have to pay for six months. You may have seasonal needs for more or less space. With self storage you can enjoy the versatility of only paying for the space that you need. This is extremely useful when it comes to the money you need to spend on storage space. You can only spend what is necessary, avoiding the expensive warehouse contracts that can bleed you dry because of their rigidity.

So, now you know, self storage could definitely be better than a warehouse for storage if you want to save money, enjoy better security, get to your goods quickly and only ever pay for the space you use. Why not take advantage of the flexibility of cheap self storage today? It could be the smartest business move you make this year.






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