10 Reasons You Need Self Storage As A Social Media Influencer P1

Find out why you need self storage when you work as a social media influencer, including useful tips on storing certain items and managing your job.

Social Media Influencer Taking Photos

Being a social media influencer is extremely common these days. In fact, you don’t even need to have that many followers online to become an influencer, especially if you have a blog. There are lots of things you need when you become a social media influencer. Followers of course, plus plenty of self-marketing know how and a ton of confidence. So, you might be forgiven for not thinking about self-storage as an essential for your social media influencer career or sideline. In part one of two informative articles we show you how self-storage could actually be extremely relevant to your position and in many cases, it could even help you. Take a look at these 10 reasons you need self-storage as a social media influencer to find out how it could help you:

1. Starting out

When you are first starting out on your influencing journey you may well need to clear a room out in your home to make space for creating content, or you might need to take a punt on buying some stock or props. Living in one room, or a small home may restrict your storage space and therefore growth. Cheap self storage enables you to start out with more ease.

2. Props for big projects

Some big projects may require lots and lots of props, or large props. Working with big brands is certainly worth you investing in the props and gear you need, but maybe cheap self storage will make it easier for you to manage the props in a dedicated space.

3. Constant gifts

A natural part of influencing is receiving gifts from brands who want mentions or reviews in exchange for sending you their stuff. Gifts can quickly start to take up tons of space in the home, whereas if you have a cheap self storage unit you have a dedicated space to store those items until you can give them away or sell them.

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4. Secure central space for gear (cameras and lighting etc)

If you are further down the line of influencing you may have lots of technology and gear in order to record vlogs, take pictures and create great content. Self storage facilities make it their business to be as secure as possible so, it makes sense to use a storage unit for expensive gear. It is likely to be much safer than it is stored in your home.

We hope so far that you’re getting a great idea of how self-storage can be extremely handy when you’re a social media influencer. For even more inspiration, read P2 of this article for the rest of the 10 reasons you really do need self storage as a social media influencer.

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