10 Reasons You Need Self Storage As A Social Media Influencer P2

Find out about the 10 important reasons self storage is so important for your position as a social media influencer.

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In part 1 of this article we looked at the first 4 reasons that you need self storage as a social media influence. If that didn’t leave you convinced, or you’re so inspired you want more, then take a look at the remaining 6 reasons to get self storage as a social media influence, because it might be a game changer when it comes to your content game.

Reasons You Need Self Storage As A Social Media Influencer

1. A place for clothes if that forms part of your job

Perhaps part of your niche as a social media influencer is fashion, in which case you may well have a complete overflow of clothes, shoes and bags. Even with wardrobe changes that you can change with the seasons you might find your home is in total disarray because of clothes. Cheap self storage can be a great option for additional clothing storage.

2. Somewhere To Keep Everything Organised As It Can Get Messy At Home

Sometimes, having so much stuff for your content is a nightmare in terms of organisation when you’re also trying to live in the same space. Having cheap self storage as a dedicated space to organise your props, you gear, your gifts and everything else associated with being an influencer can be very handy.

3. A Cheap Way To Grow Your Brand

You’re too small to invest in a proper office for your influencer position and you don’t want the contract, so growing your new career with cheap self storage makes sense. The contracts are flexible and the space size can change with your needs. You can use anything from a gym locker sized space to a football pitch sized space if you need to and you won’t be paying over the odds for it.

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4. A Great Place To Dedicate To Your Job If Influencing Is A Sideline

If you already work from home you probably don’t want two jobs going on in a place you’re meant to be able to relax. If you do work in a normal out of the home job, you may not want a reminder of a second job waiting for you at home and your family might not want that either. Self-storage is a good dedicated sideline space for your new influencing venture.

5. A Place To Keep Private

It might be that you vlog a lot of things and you don’t have much of a private space to store new projects or new gifts you will review. Cheap self storage is a space you can keep entirely private without worry of accidentally recording something in the background.

We hope you enjoyed P2 of these 10 reasons you need self-storage as a social media influencer. Self-storage could really help you get started on this career path and may well be the kind of tool you need to propel your new venture even further.