10 Tips to Help You Choose The Most Secure Self Storage Unit

These 10 tips will help you choose the most secure self storage unit to keep your treasured belongings in.

Camera in a secure self storage unit

Cheap self storage is a great idea for lots of businesses and domestic users. It means flexible contracts, more room at home or in your office, the ability to expand or grow your business, flexible use of your home and many other benefits too. When choosing the right facility for you, it is important to consider all the different aspects of the facility to make an informed decision. One aspect of your facility is particularly important and that is security. You trust this facility to protect your treasured goods better than you could at home or in your office. So they really do need to offer excellent security.

Here are our top 10 tips to help you choose the most secure self storage unit:


Somewhere with excellent lighting is really important as it means any cameras will see intruders, and it makes for a much safer visiting experience at night. At the very least, lighting deters intruders, so the more lights in the facility the better.

2. Cameras

Cameras are so important when it comes to security as they deter intruders and record them if they are successful in breaking in. A facility with a good camera system clearly wants to invest in their security.

3. Reception

Ideally reception will be open 24/7 to manage who goes in and out, but at the very least any reception is good because it means someone is always watching who goes in and out.

4. Insurance

If something does happen, insurance helps to reimburse you for money lost. Good facilities offer comprehensive insurance and insist on you having it, for their protection and yours.

5. Cleanliness

How clean the unit is says a lot about how much care has gone into the place. A run down unit with degrading walls and fences is an easy target for burglars.

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6. Gates/ Fences

Gates and fencing is a basic security measure to look for when you are choosing a good self storage facility. It is the most basic way to keep potential intruders out.

7. Lock Points

Ideally there will be several lock points to get to your unit, not just a lock on your unit. The best facilities have key coded gating, digital locks for your unit and other locking systems to keep it difficult for intruders to get in.

8. Well-Built Units

Wafer thin metal units are easy to get into, so don’t make the most secure storage units. Look for well built units that even sophisticated burglars would struggle to get into.

9. Staff Who Care

Staff who care about your custom and about security will happily discuss what they do to ensure that the facility is secure. They will likely be proud of the measures they take to protect your goods.

10. Good Reputation

Look for a facility with a good track record for security. If there are rumours online that there have been numerous break-ins that is not a good sign you should be choosing their facility to house your goods.

Do your research, ask questions and opt for the facility willing to do the most to protect your belongings. The more secure your goods are, the more likely they are to be in great condition and exactly as you left them when it comes to taking them out of self storage again in the future.