5 Tips For An Easier Life As A Remote Worker

You need to check out these helpful tips to help you have an easier life as a remote worker.

Desk set up for a remote worker

We all know the benefits of working remotely – freedom to choose your living location, choosing your own schedule, meeting lots of new people, experiencing new cultures – the list goes on.

Of course, nothing great comes without some sort of compromise, and working remotely is no different. There are plenty of niggles to work around, many of which crop up unexpectedly along the way.

To help you iron out those creases and have an easier life working from, well, wherever you want – checkout these 5 tips:

1.  Invest In Self Storage

Cheap self storage is ideal for helping you keep your belongings safe and secure whilst you travel as a remote worker. Whereas it can be useful to keep items with friends and family, that comes with its own risk. Are those items safe from weather damage, human damage and theft? Do you have to split items amongst multiple houses?

The fact is, whilst it is kind that anybody allows you to keep your things at their house whilst you travel, what they offer will never be as convenient and secure as a cheap self storage unit. Those kinds of businesses are specialists at keeping your belongings safe, and having a place like that to use between sections of time remote working, is invaluable.

2.  Be Proud Of Being Anal

Whereas being anal about research and planning for a trip to the enth degree can be seen as unnecessary by some, as a remote worker, it is actually a great thing. Having backups for plans falling through, awareness of important facilities like hospitals, knowing what to do in an emergency in a certain country – these are all great things to know when you work remotely. Don’t be afraid of being anal in this way, it will save you time in the long-run – one day it might even save your life.

3.  Internet Backups, Internet Backups, Internet Backups

As a remote worker the chances are you rely on the internet a lot. For that reason you should always have an internet backup. Whether that is data you can use temporarily on your device, some sort of portable device you plug in or even an awareness of a local cafe with WIFI, there should always be a backup to ensure you can get your work done.

4.  Utilise Apps

Whether you are working remotely from home, or you’re on your travels, you will need to communicate with your team members, clients and your own employees. This can be challenging when you’re all in different time zones and working to a different schedule. Utilising apps like Slack, Trello and Zoom will make your life so much easier, boosting your chance of successful remote teamwork.

5.  Always Have Wiggle Room To Make Hay

The saying goes ‘make hay whilst the sun shines’ – which means to enjoy yourself whilst you can. As a remote worker, you literally have a monopoly on your time. So if you love surfing and the surfing forecast is great this week, you can reorganise your schedule and enjoy those sets.

If you create a rigid schedule though, you leave no wiggle room to do those things. By spacing your work out accordingly, managing client expectations and communicating on your terms and being aware of all your deadlines, you can effectively prioritise your haymaking 95% of the time.

Being a remote worker is a great thing, but there are ways to make it pay off even more for you. Try our 5 tips above, and get the most of your lifestyle, for better wellbeing and career prospects long-term.

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