5 Ways To Save Money In London As A Digital Nomad

Working as a digital nomad in London? These tips will help you save money in this beautiful but expensive city.

A digital nomad in London

Over 9 million people live in London, and for good reason. It has culture, history, a fantastic foodie scene, a great nightlife, phenomenal architecture and a thriving economy. As a digital nomad location it’s kind of perfect…with one downside – it can be super expensive.

The good news is that there are ways to make the most of this great remote worker location without having to splash the cash, here’s how;

1. Be Accommodation Savvy

Renting a home in London can be incredibly expensive with landlords sometimes asking for thousands of pounds in advance rent and fees up front. The closer to the middle of London you want to live, the more expensive it gets, too. There are options like hotels, hostels and Airbnb’s but in reality you will still have to pay a premium. Instead, the cheapest option is to rent a room. There are an abundance of short term contracts available in all different areas too. It’s cost effective to live this way, especially if you move your stuff into self storage in London so you don’t need much space to live comfortably.

2. Eat Cheaply

There are some amazing places to eat in London, but doing this day to day can be really expensive. Instead try to do a ‘big shop’ at cheaper supermarkets (think Aldi not Wholefoods). You can also take advantage of apps like OLIO and Too Good To Go which offer a huge range of yummy foods for free or cheap, with the most options available to those who are not fussy eaters.

3. Always Opt For Happy Hour!

It can cost a lot of money for a night out in London. Think upwards of £10 a pint or cocktail in some areas. Instead, checkout where all the best happy hour offers are and plan your night around those. There are cheap nights out to be had in London, but at the expense of doing some research beforehand.

4. Love Eco Transport

You can get an Oyster card to travel cheaply on buses or the underground in London. However, the cheapest way to travel in Central London is with walking or cycling. Everything is closer than you might think. So if you want to save your wallet and the planet whilst burning calories, this is the way to do it. No room to house a bike at home? Keep it in self storage in London instead.

5. Find Working Spaces

There are hot desks and offices to hire in London but the rates aren’t as cheap as in other cities. Instead, consider working from home and then going out for meetings or fun only. Alternatively if you are willing to travel a little out of the main areas you can find good cafes to work in. Just remember to top up your drink every now and again to keep it fair – especially if you’re using an independent coffee shop and not a chain cafe.

Hopefully you’re feeling a little more optimistic about your chance of living for less as a digital nomad in London. It is an expensive city compared to others in Europe. However, with the right approach it can cost less, whilst you still enjoy everything it has to offer.

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