5 Ways To Prevent Moving In Bad Weather Becoming A Total Washout

Read about 5 ways you can ensure your moving day isn’t completely ruined by bad weather, when you choose to move house in the less sunny months.Man with a brolly in rainy, bad weather

Moving house usually happens in summer, because of the great weather, and in line with the busiest time of year for house sales. However, sometimes house moves happen out of season, when the weather could be terrible. Sometimes, there is a blip of bad weather anyway, and you just have to run with it.

For that reason, it makes sense to have a moving day contingency plan, just in case you’re battling the elements on the big day. With moving house being one of the most stressful things we can do in our lives, there’s lots you can do to stop the weather adding to that stress.

Here are 5 ways to prevent moving in bad weather becoming a total washout:

1. Check Your Moving Company’s Weather Plans

It is a good idea to ask your moving company what they will do in the event that there is severe weather on the day of the move. Do you still get charged if they can’t move you? How quickly can they rearrange a new date? Knowing the backup plan should provide you with peace of mind.

2. Have Some House Protection Ready For Bad Weather

Plastic sheeting is cheap and compact so it’s a really great item to have standing by for a particularly wet day. Have it in your ‘to hand’ moving kit and whip it out if the weather takes a turn, protecting the carpets in your current and new home.

3. Have Indoor And Outdoor Slip On Shoes

Having shoes you can quickly take off and put on is so important when you’re walking in and out of a house. Because of the nature of moving, you’ll want protective footwear in both environments so it makes sense to have two pairs of shoes for indoor and outdoor.

4. Create A Clean-up Kit For The Moving Day

Even when the weather is not rubbish, moving can still cause wall scuffs, messy carpets and the odd knocked over plant pot. Add terrible weather and you’re looking at debris, water, muddy footprints on top of everything else. Have a small cleaning kit to hand containing:

  • A battery-powered handheld hoover
  • Wet wipes (not cleaning wipes)
  • Kitchen roll
  • A small pair of scissors
  • Non-bleach multi-surface spray
  • Bin bags
  • Dustpan and brush

This kit should help you with any messes that occur during your move, especially if the weather is bad.

5. Consider Using Cheap Self Storage

It could be a really great idea to place your items into cheap self storage when the weather is good. Doing this ensures you can move your things into your new property on a day when the weather is good. It takes the pressure off the big moving day, and give you control over how and when your stuff gets relocated.

Moving when the weather is bad is not a lot of fun, but it is doable, especially if you think ahead and prepare for issues that might add to what is likely to be a stressful day. With the right preparation and thought, you’ll be moved into your new home in no time, ready to make memories and settle into this brand new chapter of your life.