6 Tips To Help You Become A Digital Nomad

Become a digital nomad, find out the best approaches to working a life as a free from the constraints of location or a normal 9-5


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Becoming a digital nomad means living a life where you can live anywhere you want, working solely on the internet.

Removing the constraints of a traditional 9-5 really is living the dream for many people. However, it doesn’t just happen. For most of us, there’s a lot of work involved to get to the point of being a digital nomad. We can’t do the hard work for you, but we do have 10 tips to help you understand what is needed to gain this incredible lifestyle.

Here are our top 6 tips to help you become a digital nomad:

1. Make A Career Plan

A digital nomad career cannot involve a commitment to a certain time and place if you want the freedom to travel. Making a career plan that gets you to that place of only needing the internet to work is key to accessing this kind of lifestyle.

2. Start Cutting Down On Stuff

Freedom to work from anywhere means freeing yourself of ‘stuff’. Most digital nomads only carry a backpack or small case with them from country to country. Belongings really can weigh you down in more ways than one. Start decluttering and minimizing what you own. If you don’t want to get rid of everything, cheap self storage could be a great solution.

3. Ensure Your Online Kit Is Sound

As your online access is your livelihood it makes sense that your online kit has to be really good. Look for these features when sorting out your online kit:

  • Travel-suitable
  • Easily replaced
  • Not so flashy it attracts thieves
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to get in and out of a bag
  • Fits in a standard backpack
  • Reliable internet connection
  • Easy to use in any setting

4. Truly Consider What Is Involved

The digital nomad life is something that can be thought of as a holiday by those who have not tried it out. It is so important to recognise that it is not always easy. There are many hardships, sacrifices and downsides to consider before you commit to this kind of life. A really great way to try it out is to chuck your things into cheap self storage and give it a go for a few months. This kind of non-commital approach is a really good idea if you’re unsure if you could hack a life living on the road.

5. Get Dreaming

Something as huge as becoming a digital nomad is not going to happen without hard work. Although you should think about the practicalities in detail, you should also get dreaming. Having big dreams and goals will help you push yourself towards the result you really want.

6. Stay Open-Minded

There are many paths to success, not just one. Stay open minded about opportunities that can help you get where you want to go when it comes to being a digital nomad. Maybe you work on an internship abroad for a year leading on to freelance work. Perhaps you work in a country that isn’t your ideal choice for a while, because it is cheaper. Maybe you start being a digital nomad in the UK before travelling abroad is possible. Stay open minded, and experience the journey, rather than constantly seeking the destination.

Hopefully these 6 tips have helped you think more about your digital nomad dream. It is more than possible for many people with many professions to work online and to work from anywhere.

Your dreams can come true, but first, make plans and start your journey. The sooner you start doing something, the sooner you stop doing nothing.

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