6 Ways To Deal With A Nosy Neighbour

Find out what to do when your neighbour is infringing on your privacy and you want to take steps to try and keep things separate in your day to day life.


 A nosy neighbour is a bit of a given in the UK, because it is natural for us all to want to keep an eye on what is going on around our homes. That being said, sometimes prying neighbours can be annoying. Whether they are overlooking your garden, commenting on what you’re up to, or just seem to always be prying, there are ways to deal with them, and here are 6 of them:

1.  Move Your Rooms Around

Sometimes the reason that neighbours seem to be nosy is because a room you use is within their eyeline from their home or the garden. An easy fix is to move that room to another side of the home. It might not be possible, but if it is, and perhaps you can place a few things into budget self storage to help things along, you can enjoy a more private setup at home.

2.  Create Outdoor Privacy

If the main issue is nosy neighbours in your outdoor space, there are many different ways to create privacy. Hedging, overhead arches and roofed decking areas – you don’t need to lose out on precious nature time because of your neighbours, you can work around it.

3.  Add Blinds And Curtains

Blinds and curtains for your windows and doors are really helpful in blocking the view of a nosy neighbour. Just be sure not to leave them closed all the time, otherwise you could lose out on the warmth and natural light your home needs not to become dark and musty.

4.  Consider Smart Window Treatments

Smart window treatments like privacy films are easy ways to get natural light coming in from outdoors, without the neighbours being able to see in. It can be a big of a faff, and might even be expensive, but if you want to be able to see out without people looking in, this is a worthwhile option.

5.  Use Cameras

Security cameras are common now, and they are a great way to ward off criminals and perhaps your neighbours, too. When they see you have cameras looking out, they might second guess their own behaviour around your property.

6.  Get To Know Them

It may well be that your neighbours are very nice, and are just curious about you. Sometimes, if you reach out and get to know them, you find out they are actually lovely and their nosiness is harmless. It may also cause them to stop staring and looking, because you’re not a mystery any more.

Nosy neighbours are no fun at all, but luckily, with the right changes and adjustments, you can retain some of your privacy and enjoy a quieter life in the place you love the most.