7 Professions That Could Benefit From Using Self Storage

Find out about 7 professions that could benefit from the many advantages of self storage.

A food truck - a profession that benefits from self storage

Self storage is a service where a person rents a unit which could be a storage container, or something more like a garage. It could even be a gym locker or something small, or maybe a huge football field sized space. The spaces are always secure, dry, clean and often temperature controlled. Domestic users have always benefited from using self storage, but more recently, business users have started to reap the rewards too as they recognise the many benefits of the service.

Do you own a business? Could your business benefit from using self storage?

Here are 7 professions that could benefit from using self storage:

1. Food Trucks

Food trucks are likely to have a lot of items they need to stock up on or use regularly but they don’t have room to store those items. Cheap self storage offers a space to store items between refills.

2. Crafts

If you make crafts to sell and it isn’t just a hobby sized business, you may need extra space to stock both craft supplies and finished products you sell. It can also be a handy space to use for order fulfillment.

3. Wine Dealer

Wine needs very specific storage to keep it in good condition and with temperature controlled storage you can create the perfect conditions to store wine as you collect it and sell it on.

4. Antiques Dealer

Antiques can be worth a lot of money and self storage is often more secure than any home and often more secure than a warehouse. Self storage is a great place for storing antiques if you deal in them.

5. Upcycler

If you upcycle items for a living then you need to be able to pick stock up to store it before you sell it on, and it is likely to be large and bulky too, so a self storage space separate from your home is even more useful. The money of your business comes from the upcycling, which is why ideally items you upcycle are free or very cheap so it pays to be able to buy it or collect it when it becomes available.

6. Photographer

If you are a mobile photographer you may have lots of equipment that you need to chop and change. Equipment that is expensive and may not be suitable for storage in a van or even in your home. This is especially true if you have large backdrop rolls and accessories. Because self storage is temperature controlled it is especially useful for photography equipment.

7. Marketing

If you need to market items you sell at trade shows a lot, or you setup at festivals or anywhere you need a large stand, then self storage could be really useful. It can also be a great place to prepare marketing materials before a big show.

These are just a few of the professions that can benefit from cheap self storage. Many businesses can benefit from self storage in many different ways. Perhaps today is the day you look into this amazing service and how it could benefit your business.