8 Crockery Packing Tips For A Breakage-Free Moving Home Day

If you’re moving home soon, you’ll love these 8 handy tips to keep your crockery in one piece.


Moving home comes with all kinds of stresses and considerations. There’s a lot to think about isn’t there? Whilst we can’t fix everything on your moving list, we do have some handy tips on keeping your crockery intact. Crockery has a nasty habit of getting broken in transit, and nobody wants to start a day in a new home with a box of broken plates.

To help keep your crockery in great shape for your move, take a look at these 8 handy tips:

1. Use The Right Boxes

It is important not to use bags when you pack your crockery as they won’t be properly protected. Instead, it is better to use thick packing boxes which are available from your cheap self storage facility. If you don’t use cheap self storage yet, you could get thick boxes from your local supermarket. Banana boxes are ideal as they often come with lids. Strong, thick boxes will be strong enough to keep your crockery safe without falling through when they are picked up.

2. Ensure Your Crockery Is Clean

It is important to only pack clean and dry crockery. Any debris and moisture may stain and damage your plates, particularly if it will be in your cheap self storage unit for a long time before being unpacked.

3. Cushion Your Crockery

Before you put your crockery into the box you should line the box with some extra padding. Ideally, the padding will be something like bubble wrap. However, some scrunched carrier bags or newspaper will also work well.

4. Wrap Each Plate Individually

Each plate should be wrapped individually with something like acid-free paper which will help avoid moisture build-up. Newspaper will work but you do then run the risk of the print coming off on the items.

5. Pack Plates On Their Side

You might naturally pack plates with their bottom on the bottom of the box. It is actually better to lay them on their side, which makes them more durable to damage.

6. Don’t Leave Any Gaps

It is so important not to leave any gaps in the box which would allow the crockery to move around. Stuff paper, bags or any dry material into the gaps to ensure everything is held in place.

7. Tape, Tape, Tape

It is important to tape the box up really well once it has been packed. Use packing tape and ensure that the whole box is taped up, not just the top seam. This will add strength to the entire box and protect the contents from falling out.

8. Label Your Boxes

Your boxes should be labelled well to indicate that they hold fragile crockery. Don’t be afraid of over-labelling the box. It can never hurt to shout too loudly that a box has fragile contents. This is especially true if you won’t be overseeing every item being moved and relocated.


With our 8 tips above your crockery will get to your self storage unit, or new home, in fantastic shape. Crockery might not be central to a house move, but it helps to keep the less important aspects of the move running smoothly, so you can put more energy into the more challenging aspects of the process.



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