8 Ways To Add More Organic To Your Life

Would you like to be more organic? This article will give you some handy tips to get started.

A basket of organic vegetables

Why Organic?

Most of us want to have the minimal amount of chemicals and pesticides in our life. It’s simply better, where possible, to be natural. Organic usually means that there are less chemicals and other additives, or that those included are from a natural source. Marketing is a little untrustworthy around the term, but overall, it generally means ‘more natural’ which is something most of us aspire to.

8 Ways To Add More Organic To Your Life

If you would like to add more organic to your life, try the following 8 things:

1. Eat Organic For These Fruit & Veg

This study is published every year, highlighting the fruit and vegetables that are the most filled or covered with pesticides and similar chemicals. Simply switch these items out for organic types for an instant health boost.

2. Consume Organic Milk

Organic plant or dairy milks are better for you and the environment. It is something that we consume a lot of, so just by switching these things you will lead a healthier life.

3. Switch Your Non-Stick

OK, so pans and pots are not sprayed with pesticides but they can contain a lot of nasty chemicals that leach into the food we cook. They are usually seen with non-stick items like pans. You can easily switch to non-toxic versions to increase the healthiness of the food you cook day to day.

4. Natural Deodorants

Deodorant is known for being filled with chemicals and ingredients that you may not want absorbed into your body. Instead, switch it for non-toxic, natural deodorant that is organic. If you can do the same with other beauty sprays or creams (anything absorbed through the skin) you’ll be limiting how many chemicals go into your body.

5. Cleaning Products

Natural cleaning products are usually organic naturally made products using ingredients derived from vinegar, lemon juice, bicarbonate of soda etc. You can make them yourself and avoid the chemicals in cleaning solutions.

6. Grow Your Own

If you can grow your own veggies and fruits, you can buy organic beginner plants and garden in an sustainable way (see below). This not only gives you lots of control over the chemicals you are exposed to, but it is highly rewarding too.

7. Garden Organically

The garden is one of the main places that chemicals are freely used without much thought at all. Weed killers, pesticides, non-organic compost – the list is endless. By starting to garden organically you can make a huge impact on your own exposure to chemicals, and on limiting the negative impact your garden has on the local environment.

8. Use Local Producers

If you use local producers of meat, dairy, flowers, plants, fruits and veggies you can ask them yourself about the growing process. They will be honest about how the items were produced, which is much better than reading it on a packet at a supermarket. You support the local economy this way too.

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