Change The Soundscape In Your Home Office For A Relaxed Working Day

Find out how to change the sound in your home working space for a more relaxing and productive working environment.

A quiet home office


Are you working from a home office in 2022? Noise pollution is known to cause us to feel more stress, struggle with sleep and we may even have issues with our hearing with prolonged exposure to it. Whilst this is a great reason to boost the soundproofing in your home office, it doesn’t mean that complete silence is what is best for you. In fact, in addition to decluttering into cheap self storage, and using calm and neutral colours, many people can feel more relaxed and focused with an office soundscape.

To help you decide which office soundscape is the best option for you, here are some popular noise types to consider:

White Noise

White noise is something we connect with as it replicates the sounds that we would hear in the womb. It is also useful because it fills the silence, but it has no particular rhyme, rhythm or pattern that you might pick out. To get it, you can use a white noise app, or there are white noise videos on Youtube.

Home Office Background

Do you miss the sound of the office? The gentle chatter, the clinking of coffee cups, the rustling of paper? If you do, then an office background noise could well be the soundscape for you. It might also help you to feel less isolated too, which a lot of home workers can feel after working in an office with other people for so long.

Coffee Shop

Coffee shop background noise is similar to an office background, only it is more chatter, more cup clinking and it can often be a little louder than an office soundscape. It is perfect if you have worked in coffee shops before and enjoyed the sounds and ambience of the gentle comings and goings of others.


Rainforest sounds often include the noises of animals like monkeys and birds, as well as waterfall or rainfall sounds as well. These provide a relaxing element of nature, as well as the gentle rhythm of the natural environment they represent. They are perfect if you are the kind of person who loves to just sit in nature. Beach sounds and thunderstorms might also be worth trying too.


For some people, non-specific chat can be a great way to boost the sounds of a home office. Is there a podcast you love to have on that doesn’t grab your interest, but you like to dip in and out of listening to it? If so, that is the ideal choice for your office background noise. Alternatively, an audiobook read by a voice you enjoy could be a good choice. Perhaps something you have already listened to so there’s no attention grabbing storylines occurring. Harry Potter, read by Stephen Fry, is a great choice, especially on a cold winter day with a great view and some laborious tasks to complete.


Lo-fi is a popular choice for working or studying music because it tends to be very relaxed, very repetitive and generally easy to listen to whilst focusing on something else. This channel has a live lofi stream on it all the time so that you can enjoy a constant supply of lofi without interruption.

What Will Your Home Office Soundscape Be?

The ideas above have hopefully inspired you to create the perfect background noise for your office. With the right sounds you can enjoy a more relaxed and productive working space tailored to your needs, for a better home working environment that supports your career aspirations.