Cute Ideas For A Summer Garden Movie Night

Having your own version of an outdoor movie night? These ideas will help you get inspired.

Outdoor movie night on a beach

Lots of outdoor cinemas have popped up across the country as this American ‘drive through’ trend catches on.

If you don’t fancy an outdoor cinema with lots of other people, you can easily set something similar up for your family in your own back garden.

These cute ideas will help you feel inspired for your very own summer garden movie night:

Garden Furniture Giant Bed

You can easily push certain garden furniture together to make a huge bed. You can then cover the furniture in quilts, blankets, pillows and hot water bottles so that you have the perfect nest to watch your movie from.

Ambience With Lights

Pitch black movie watching can be a little spooky, which is perfect for a horror movie. However, if you are wanting something more cosy, you can create ambience with lights. Fairy lights, candle lanterns, solar lights and battery powered tea lights can all make for a beautiful, ambient space in which to watch your movie.

Split Headphones

Your neighbours might not appreciate the movie night you are having, because of the noise from the movie. If you are watching from a laptop or iPad, a split headphone jack can be super helpful because you can listen to the film as loud as you want without disturbing anybody.

Repurposed Sunbeds

Sun loungers are ideal for an outdoor movie night because they can prop up like cinema seats, they often have cup holders and they are elevated from the cold ground. For your next movie night, it could be worth grabbing those dusty old sun loungers from your cheap self storage unit for a comfy nights viewing.

Barbecue Popped Popcorn

Setting up a barbecue for a movie night is a great idea. You can make classic hot dogs like you get at the cinema and you can even pop your own corn. All you have to do is:

  • Take a square of foil about 60 x 40cm and put a tablespoon of oil and 80 grams of popping corn on top
  • Fold the square into a parcel (not too tight) and seal the edges
  • Gently shake the parcel to distribute the oil
  • Pop the parcel on the coldest part of the barbecue and listen for popping
  • Once the popping has stopped (or after about 10 minutes) your popcorn should be done!
  • Cover in your favourite popcorn toppings

Using the tips above you can enjoy a great outdoor cinema night in your own garden. All you have to do now is decide which movie to enjoy al fresco!