How To Carry Heavy Items Safely

Find out tips and tricks to help you protect your physical health when you’re moving heavy items around.

People carrying a heavy sofa

Renovating, decorating, filling a cheap self storage unit or even just moving things around is all well and good for personal progress, until you hurt yourself moving something heavy.

Moving bulky items without the right techniques could cause you some permanent damage, expensive physio or chiropractor appointments, and lots of avoidable pain in the future.

To stay injury free when you’re next relocating anything heavy, take a look at these important tips on how to carry heavy items safely:

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

One of the best ways to avoid injury is to prepare. So rather than last minute rushing to move a big item, get a friend to come over and help you move it safely, prepare a trolley to move it or get a moving crew booked to help you get the item from A to B. At the very least, have the right kind of clothing on or allow enough time to physically move the item in the safest possible way.

Maintain The Right Posture

The way that you move an item makes a huge difference to whether or not you are at risk of sustaining an injury when you do it. You can find some tips for safe lifting on this handy NHS page.

Utilise Tools

Lots of self storage units in London (or local to you) will have different tools you can use to help safely move large items around. Stair rollers, forklift trolleys, cage trolley and lifting straps are all useful in moving heavy items safely.

Create A Path

Creating a path for the item to move from A to B may sound a bit strange, but actually, it can be vital to safely moving something. For example: if it takes your whole strength to lift the item and you then walk a few steps to find the door is closed, you may strain to open the door holding the item, have to go all the way back to the start to put it down, or even be stuck with the item and a closed door and no way to move. Or you walk with the item and don’t account for a wonky bit of path that without care, is a trip hazard. Plan the items journey to ensure it is unobstructed and safe.

Moving Heavy Items Into Cheap Self Storage

If you’re moving heavy items into cheap self storage, do consider enlisting the help of a professional moving team. They will know how to lift heavy items safely, saving you the risk of injury. At the very least, speak to the facility about whether or not they have any trolleys or moving equipment you could use to help move the items with more ease and safety.



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