How To Create A Remote Working Space When You Don’t Have A Home Office

Are you struggling to find an entire room to convert into a home office for remote working? If you are, this article will help you find alternative solutions.

A home office remote working space

As lovely as the idea of a home office is, it just is not practical or possible for many people. If that is you, don’t worry, there is still a way to create a functional working space that enables you to get your job done.

To help you, here are some ideas for working from home when you don’t have a home office:

The Shed

With a converted roof and renovated insides a shed or summerhouse can work well as a remote office. You can store summer furniture or summer garden tools in your cheap self storage unit instead.

The main barrier will be a lack of electricity, which you could setup if you are willing to make the situation more permanent. Otherwise, utilising external battery charge equipment and remote internet solutions or offline working will be necessary.

Under The Stairs

Can you take the door off the space under the stairs? If you can, it could just be big enough for a desk and a chair. This is perfect for an office space that does not flow into the rest of the home.

A Desk On The Landing

If you have a large enough landing space a desk and a chair could be a good option. Furthermore, a mezzanine would be particularly great as a home office space, especially as mezzanines tend to be very light and airy.

A Kitchen Hub

The kitchen can be a good space to work in, especially if you like to multitask and cook whilst you work. Ideally, you’ll have your own little working corner that isn’t the kitchen table or island. It could even be foldaway so that it takes up no extra space when you’re not working.

A Living Room Desk

The living room can often have all kinds of cubby holes and corners you can scooch a desk into. You could even zone the desk area with a panel or a screen if you want to keep work away from your thoughts when you’re relaxing in front of the TV.

An Outdoor Indoor Space

In the UK the outdoor indoor space tends to be a conservatory or a kitchen with patio doors leading to a patio. However, in Australia and America they do outdoor indoor to a whole new level. Think more, outdoor living rooms and kitchens with complete cover, sinks, elaborate furniture and fun stuff like pizza ovens. If you’re renovating anyway, adding heating, lighting, cover and internet connection to your outdoor indoor space could make it a beautiful office that’s truly integrated with nature.

Cupboard Working

Some people who are super tight on space are putting their winter wardrobes and other items into cheap self storage and instead, converting their closet space into a working space. If you are really clever about the furniture and storage, you can transform a cupboard into a lovely working space.

Self Storage

Did you know that lots of people use their self storage unit as a working space? It depends on the facility and what they offer, but some units with electricity and WIFI can be great remote offices if working at home is just not possible.

Where Will You Setup Your Home Workspace?

If you are struggling to convert a full room into an office it could be worth considering all the options above. They may take a little bit of effort to put into place, but the payoff is a dedicated workspace, even if it is compact.



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