How To Create Your Own DIY Escape Room For A Party

Looking for something different to do for a party this year? Why not enjoy your own DIY escape room?

A party - make your own escape room

Sometimes the same old party themes can feel a little tired, and you want something that stands out, something that makes a real impact. An escape room party is a great idea if you want something a little different for your next party.

With escape rooms being so popular at the moment, they make the perfect at-home party theme. The question is, how do you create a DIY escape room? Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think. Here’s how to create your own DIY escape room for a party:

Choose Your Theme

An escape room needs a theme in order to create fun, atmosphere and suspense. You could go for an ancient Egyptian theme, a Jurassic theme, Sherlock Holmes style theme or even something like a zombie apocalypse. Whatever takes your fancy! You’ll want to echo this theme in your decorations, props and invites.

Plan Your Game

Now you have a theme you need to know what your game will be. There should be a final goal like escaping the zombies, finding the treasure or finding a life-saving cure for something. Once you know what that goal is you can work backwards and create steps to reach that goal. Information, tools, combinations that could be needed to get to the final point all need to be identified. You should have a list of steps needed to get from the beginning to the end of the puzzle.

If the party is to include you, you will need to get somebody who won’t do the escape room to plan the game for you so that you can’t cheat. You could even consider using an escape room board game instead, decorating the room but utilising the clues and process of the premodern game.

Plan The Clues

Now you know the steps you need to attach clues and puzzles to each one to be worked out. So if a box needs to be unlocked with a key, you need to find a way to hide the key and create a puzzle that once worked out, leads to that key. Using a mixture of clues and puzzles, using various props like books, pictures, food or even ornaments is the best way to create an interactive, interesting set of puzzles that add to your ‘set’.

Clear The Room

Now you have the game plans you can clear the escape room ready for decoration. Place everything you don’t need into your cheap self storage unit, perhaps looking for stored items that could be useful once you drop your contents off. Cheap self storage units are great for bits and pieces that would work well in a DIY escape room. Unused lock boxes, ornaments, books, pictures – even clothing to dress up in – be creative, it could save you a lot of money in prop costs!

Set The Room Up

Now you have everything ready you can set the room up. Think really carefully about where you place items related to clues, and don’t be afraid to include some duds and bluff items. Once the room is set up you should have a run through to check everything makes sense.

Enjoy The Party!

No your DIY escape room is set up, you can enjoy the party! Why not have food and drink that fit the theme too? Or how about a music playlist that enhances the atmosphere? With all these great details you’re bound to have an unforgettable DIY escape room party your guests will remember forever!