How To Get Rid Of Cigarette Smoke Odours

Looking to get rid of stale cigarette smoke odours? This article will help you freshen up in no time.

Ashtray - cigarette smoke odours


One of the most significant long-lasting odours any item of clothing, room, or piece of furniture can have is stale smoke. Whereas some other smells may go away with the opening of a window, stale smoke lingers. You may know this if you placed smokers clothing into a cheap self storage unit or spare room for a while and then return to it. The smell is unmissable and really hard to ignore.

Whether you are looking to freshen up your cheap self storage unit, remove the smell of smoke from a new house, or revitalise your own home after quitting smoking, these tips will help:

Walls & Ceilings

If smoking has taken place in a room for a long time, the walls may be stained with tar. You may spray them and see the tar run down the walls. Any products safe for the paint, that also contain glycol and ammonia will help to get rid of the smell. Simply spray and wipe all areas and then see how the smell is after the first clean. After a few days if the smell of smoke returns after the cleaning agent smell dies down, spray again and repeat until the smell is gone.


Carpets hold on to the smell of cigarette smoke and may also be stained from smoking over the years. Replacing the carpets is the easiest way to deal with the issue.

If you can’t do that, use a carpet cleaning machine and the appropriate cleaning solution (following the manufacturer’s instructions).

Once the carpet is dry if the smell is still there, consider paying for professional cleaning. If that still does not remove the smell, you will have to replace the carpets.

When it comes to wooden floors you need to use a product that is suitable for wood. Mopping may do the trick, but in many instances proper scrubbing is needed to remove the smell of smoke. You may need to do the same with skirting boards, doors and other wood in the room.

Curtains & Blinds

Curtains and blinds will need to be cleaned to get rid of the smell of smoke. Washing curtains on a suitable wash with vinegar will do wonders for the colour and smell of them. If you can soak them in the bath with water and vinegar for a while, that will help even more. With blinds, you will want to clean them with an appropriate cleaning agent and let them dry, repeating if necessary to remove the smell of smoke.


Clothes should be able to be washed to get the smell of smoke out. If you’re taking them out of a cheap self storage unit to wash them, be sure to dry them properly before returning them to ensure they don’t rot or spread mould.


Furniture is tricky when it comes to smoke. This is because the cushions and covers can usually be washed, but the frame itself cannot, and so it may hold on to the smell. Steam cleaning the furniture as much as is possible is a great idea. If it doesn’t work though, you may need to get a new piece of furniture.

Getting rid of the smell of smoke is challenging, but so worthwhile, especially if you have quit and you want to leave this unhealthy habit behind for good. With a little elbow grease and the right products you can get rid of smoky smells for good, for a fresher, cleaner home overall.