How To Make Your Home Office More Pet Friendly

Want to make your working space more friendly for your furry friends? This article will help.

A pet friendly home office

Throughout the covid-19 pandemic many people chose to adopt pets to help get them through their time at home. Despite some sad headlines that many people are now giving up their lockdown pets, many people are still happily loved up with their furry friends.

For those still working from home particularly, their pets are a very welcome home office companion. With that in mind, we want to give you some great tips for making your home office more pet friendly:

Keep Books, Accessories Or Wires Off The Floor

Books, wires and other accessories pose a danger to your pet who may trip over those items. Your pet may also chew on the wires and hurt themselves. Ideally, you will keep your office minimal in design (try using cheap self storage for paper storage) with wires, in particular, kept tidy and out of the way.

Offer Kitty Alternatives To Your Keyboard

Kitties love to sit on your keyboard when you are working, don’t they? If you offer them an alternative though, they might just take it (no guarantees because, you know, cats). Secure shelving going up the wall is an excellent option as cats love to climb and sit in vantage points above us. Some secure carpet on a couple of the shelves will encourage the cat to perch there. You could also set up a cat tree in the corner of the room if you have the space. Or, a snuggly blanket or box on or under the desk can work well as a kitty bed.

Keep It Minimal & Clean

If your pet is going to spend a lot of time in your home office it makes sense to keep it minimal and clean, for the sake of both your and your pet’s health and happiness. As a first step, make your office minimal so that your pet has lots of space to move around, and minimal spaces to get stuck/ up to mischief behind. You can use a cheap self storage unit to create more space in your office. Once the furniture is setup and considered, try to keep a cleaning regime in place so that the office is a clean and hygienic space for both of you. Your pet will shed lots of hair, nails and other debris in the space so it makes sense to up your cleaning to keep on top of things. A small handheld vacuum and some antibacterial wipes are a great starter kit for a home office shared with a pet.

Invest In Some Good Headphones

If your pet keeps you company in your home office they won’t appreciate very loud sounds coming from your phone, tablet or computer. Ideally, you will play any music low or you will utilise a good set of headphones so that the pet isn’t subject to your playlists and stressful loud noises.

Keep Some Treats Available

It is a good idea to keep some treats around for your pet in the office so that they feel comfortable and happy in there. This is usually only necessary if you’re training your pet to spend time in your office.

Keep The Door Ajar

So that your cat is able to get out and access their litter tray and water it is a good idea to keep the door ajar. Cats don’t tend to like closed doors very much and if you close yours, the cat may well scratch at it. It’s probably not such a bad idea anyway because it adds ventilation to what can be a very stuffy room. Just remember to check kitty is out of there at the end of the day so they don’t get locked in overnight!

Now Your Office Is Ready For Your Pet!

With the tips above your office can happily cater to the needs of your cat or dog so that you can enjoy the comfort of their presence whilst you work from home. Just remember to move them out of the way on your conference calls so you don’t end up with one of the very hilarious scenarios seen on the news over lockdown.