How To Pack Jewellery Perfectly For A House Move

Read these tips to help you pack jewellery well for an upcoming house move.

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When we plan a move we have a lot to think about. It is really stressful, and one of the most stressful aspects is packing and moving belongings. How to pack jewellery for example? And there will be many questions like this one.

The stress involved is why most people don’t tend to move home very often.

Sometimes the logistics of the packing process can be on packed boxes or larger furniture and how to get it from a to B.

Sometimes we can forget that small items may actually be more at risk. Jewellery, for example, is highly at risk during removals. This is because it isn’t covered by the insurance that most removals companies offer.

Jewellery can also be more at risk because it is a smaller item as it is easier to lose than a huge sofa or a giant TV in a box.

To help you keep your jewels safe during this move, we have some great tips to help you effectively pack jewellery.:

Get Rid Of The Jewellery You Don’t Need Or Want

Decluttering all of the accessories, clothes and furniture you have amassed over the years is an important part of moving house. It is also important to look at the smaller items like jewellery and consider whether or not you need to take all of those pieces with you.

Jewellery can be clutter that we build up just as easily as anything else. What’s great is that it can be worth more money than other things in your home, so it might be more worthy of time decluttering than other items because you can sell it. This will then save you time packing items that you no longer need.

Use Jewellery Boxes

Boxes and containers specifically made for jewellery are ideal. If you have ring boxes, jewellery boxes and other such items now is the time to use them to pack jewellery.

Be Choosy With Packing Materials

In some areas of packing for a move you can be less choosy about the materials that you use. This is not the case when you pack jewellery. Lots of materials can damage jewellery. Wrapping it in scarves or clothes can snag the material and pull apart more delicate metal areas. Using newspapers on certain items can cause the print to rub off and damage the item.

Use items specifically designed to pack jewellery or that is definitely safer for packing jewellery, such as bubble wrap, packing paper, drinking straws, clingfilm and empty kitchen rolls and toilet rolls.

Sort Out Tangles And Knots First

Do not be tempted to save time and take a tangled mess of necklaces and earrings to your new home. This not only makes them more likely to be broken in transit-but it will just be another irritating job you have put off to deal with in your new home. Do your future self a favour and sort out the tangles now.

Use Discreet Labelling

Sometimes it is important to label clearly when you are packing for a move. However when it comes to packing jewellery it is important that you use discreet labelling so that you’re not putting a giant sign on your items that basically says ‘steal me’.

Instead use a codename or some sort of label that you know will help you to identify your jewellery at a later date. It may also help to pack jewellery inside of the boxes so that there aren’t just lots of small boxes moving around that can easily get lost or crushed in transit.

The tips above can help you to effectively pack your jewellery for a move. If you are moving jewellery into cheap self storage it is important to check that the jewellery will be covered under any insurance that you have taken out. Most legitimate cheap self storage facilities demand that you have insurance for your unit that is used in addition to the services that they offer.