How To Pack Mirrors Or Pictures For A House Move

Find out the best way to pack mirrors and pictures for a move to ensure they stay intact and avoid breakage.

Lady thinking about hot to pack mirrors

Mirrors and pictures are some of the most vulnerable household items when it comes to accidental breakage and damage that can happen during transit and storage. This can cause a real mess and even a safety hazard for everyone involved in your move.

To help you keep your art and beautiful mirrors intact during a house or business move, here are our top guidelines for packing these easily broken items:

Use Correctly Sized Boxes

When you are organising your pictures and mirrors try to put them to the side in similar sizes (after they have been packaged). This will help you then find a box that fits those items snugly, minimising room for shifting and moving inside the box. Fixing larger items together also enhances their strength and reduces the chance of breakage.

Once the items are in the box be sure to pad out any gaps with bubble wrap or newspaper. When you shake the box gently from side to side you should not see or hear any shifting of the items inside. If you do, add more padding until the items are properly fixed inside the box. Lastly, make sure that the box is nice and strong so there is no risk of the contents falling out. If you’re not sure, reinforce the box with packing tape paying special attention to the corners and any seams.

Use The X Method

On the glass of the picture, or of the mirror, create an X going from corner to corner using masking tape. You should never use normal sticky tape or packing tape to do this.

The X method helps to stop any broken glass from damaging the art inside, or the underneath of the mirror should there be a break during the process of moving the items from your home to an affordable self storage unit, or a new home or office.

Check The State Of The Art & Mirror

Before packing your mirrors or art it makes sense to check for any debris that could stain or damage the item during transit. This is especially true with debris between a photograph or art piece and a glass pane. If there is debris it could scratch the art or photograph if the various layers of the item budge and shift whilst the box is in motion. This can happen even if you package the frame up well, so it’s important to check before packing. Simply clean inside and outside the glass and the frame, ensuring it is extremely dry before securing the layers well together. If the glass is still shifting separately from the frame, you may want to add adjustable clips or pegs to squeeze the layers together and prevent any shifting as the picture is in transit.

Keep The Entire Glass Panel Protected

The glass is by far the most vulnerable component of your mirrors and pictures which is why it needs the most protection when you move the item. As well as the X method we described above, you should also use layers of cardboard, newspaper or foam to protect the glass. Make sure that you cover the entire surface of glass so there are no vulnerable sections.

Label, Label, Label

Make sure that you clearly label boxes containing mirrors, glass frames or pictures to let anybody handling the box know that it is full of fragile items. This should not just be one label, but rather, multiple clear labels on each side of the box so that it could not be clearer that the item should be handled with care. You may also want to tape fragile tape on this box too, just to emphasise the need to be gentle and careful with the box during loading and placement in the budget self storage unit, or into your home or office.

Do Not Stack On Top Of The Box

Whether the item is going into affordable self storage temporarily or long term it is important that you do not stack anything on top of the box, no matter how well you have packed it.

You should instead ensure that the box remains on the floor, or stacked on top of less fragile, sturdy items within your budget self storage unit. This will avoid any pressure damage occurring, and it will prevent the box stack from falling over too.

Utilise Specialist Services

If your mirror or your picture is especially valuable, utilise specialist services to pack the item.

There are various methods and tricks that experienced companies use to ensure the safety of your items when they are being packaged. If the item is worth a lot of money, or is particularly sentimental, then it is worth you investing in its protection, including adding extra insurance for this item and other valuables during the move.

Which Is More Valuable: The Picture Or The Frame?

Sometimes the picture inside the frame is more valuable than the frame itself. If this is the case for you, you may wish to remove the picture and place it in an album or inside a specialist covering that ensures it is more protected than if it was inside the frame.

If the frame is then to shatter during the move, it is less likely to damage the picture because the picture won’t be inside it at the time.

You’re Ready To Get Your Art & Mirrors To Their New Location!

The tips above are guidelines to help you keep your pictures and mirrors safe when you are packing them for storage, or for transit to your new property or office. If you’re ever in doubt, do seek the advice and services of specialist companies who have the skills to keep your item safe. When it comes to highly valuable items like art or antique mirrors it can be worth the extra expense to keep them intact.