How To Pack Mirrors Or Pictures For A House Move

Find out the best way to pack mirrors and pictures for a move to ensure they stay intact and avoid breakage.

Lady thinking about how to pack mirrors

Mirrors and pictures are among those most vulnerable to breakage and damage during transit and storage and there is an art to packing mirrors and pictures. To help you keep your art and beautiful mirrors intact during a house or business move, here are our top guidelines for packing these easily broken items:

Use The Right Sized Boxes

Put your mirrors and pictures into a pile based on their size. Then use the right sized boxes to store them.

A small picture in a large box may bounce around and break. Trying to jam a large mirror into a small box will leave the remaining mirror vulnerable to damage. Always use the right size boxes for the job.

Use Te X Method

On the glass of the picture, or of the mirror, create an X going from corner to corner using masking tape. You should never use Sellotape or packing tape to do this. This helps to stop any broken glass from hurting the picture or the underneath of the mirror if it should break during transit.

Keep The Entire Glass Panel Protected

The glass is by far the most vulnerable component of your mirrors and pictures. Protect the glass as a priority for this reason.

Use layers of cardboard, newspaper or foam to protect the glass. Make sure that you cover the entire surface of glass so there are no vulnerable sections.

Label, Label, Label

Make sure that you label boxes containing mirrors, glass frames or pictures to let anybody handling the box know that it is full of fragile items. Do not feel embarrassed to over label your boxes, because handlers can’t know that the box should be handled with care too much.

Try to ensure that you cover each side of the box with some indication of what is within it.

Do Not Stack On Top Of The Box

If the item is going into cheap self storage temporarily, then it is important that you do not stack anything on top of the box, no matter how well you have packed it.

You should ensure that the box remains on the floor or stacked on top of less fragile, sturdy items within your cheap self storage unit. This will avoid any pressure damage occurring to the box. If you are stacking it on top of other items do you make sure that the pile is sturdy and that the box of mirrors and pictures is not likely to fall over.

Utilise Specialist Services

If your mirror or your picture is especially valuable, utilise specialist services to pack the item.

There are various methods and tricks that experienced companies use to ensure the safety of your items when they are being packaged. If the item is worth a lot of money, or is particularly sentimental, then it is worth you investing in its protection.

Which Is More Valuable: The Picture Or The Frame?

Sometimes the picture inside the frame is more valuable than the frame itself. If this is the case for you, you may wish to remove the picture and place it in an album or inside a specialist covering that insures it is more protected than if it was inside the frame.

If the frame is to shatter it is less likely to damage the picture because the picture is not held within it.

The tips above are guidelines to help you keep your pictures and mirrors safe when you are packing them for storage or for transit to your new property. If you’re ever in doubt, do seek the advice and services of specialist companies who have the skills to keep your item safe. When it comes to highly valuable items like art or antique mirrors it can be worth the extra expense to keep them intact.