How To Prepare Your House For Sale

Read easy tips and tricks to help you get your house ready for sale within the next few months, increasing your chance of getting lots of top offers.

A house Ready for Sale

 Moving house can be really exciting. A fresh start, a brand new property, a new area to explore. But there is just that one big hurdle to overcome first: selling your home. Selling your home can be tricky, especially when you sell during the time of year that everyone else is selling. However, with these easy tips and tricks, you will be much more able to prepare your home for sale hopefully leading to a plethora of high offers to choose from:

First Impressions Count

First impressions still count, and especially when you are selling your home. People will drive by and have a look at the house to decide if they want to view it. Is the path in tact and tidy? Is the paintwork on the front of the house nice? Are the bushes/ trees trimmed? A lick of paint, garden tidy and some simple repairs will give you that kerb appeal you need for lots of viewing enquiries.

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

The space you are offering in your home is central to its value. Potential buyers need to be able to see the space available, which means your clutter needs to be gone. If you want to get your home up for sale quickly, consider placing most of your items in cheap self storage so you can sort through them in your own time without having to delay your house sale.

Remove Your Personality From The House

It might go against everything you have done, to take away everything that makes the home personal to you but you have to remember potential buyers need to see the potential for their lives in your home, rather than your memories of the home. Personal photos, accessories, ornaments and keepsakes need to be taken out of the space completely.

Neutralise Every Area

Any bright and loud wallpaper or colour schemes you experimented with need to be neutralised, even in children’s bedrooms. Just like removing your personality from the house is important, neutralising colour schemes works in the same way. It helps your new owner envision their own potential decor styles within the space.

Suggest Purposes For Different Areas

You shouldn’t say one area has to be used in a certain way but you can suggest uses for different spaces, especially awkward spaces that may seem useless without a little visual guidance. That cubby hole beneath the stairs suddenly becomes a study corner, or the small corner of the living room suddenly has a cosy coffee table and chair for reading.

Deal With Any Easy-To-Fix Repairs

The chances are if your home needed any major renovations you have decided to take the hit on the price by not doing them, or you completed them well before sale. But what about minor renovations? For a small amount of money you can likely fix minor issues which will make your home look more appealing.

Cleanliness Matters

A home that smells bad, is dirty or unkempt will put somebody off even continuing a viewing let alone making an offer. Pay for a deep clean or take a weekend to do the work yourself. A fresh and clean home is definitely going to be more appealing to viewers.

Make All Areas Shine

It is important to ensure all areas of the home shine because you don’t know which areas are most important to your viewer. Of course the kitchen is a huge focus but, your viewer might be looking for a lovely garden where he can cultivate vegetables and relax. Your viewer might want to set up a gym in the garage. Your viewer could want to start a family and so your spare room is their potential nursery. Don’t forget any one area in your mission to present your entire home well.

Preparing your home for sale is often difficult to start with, but the more you detach yourself emotionally from the property the easier it gets. Take tips from friends and family, from your estate agent and any other experts who have a hand in your selling process. The more you know, the more able you will be to make your home look beautiful, speeding up your chance of selling quickly.