How To Protect Your Garden Furniture Over Winter In The UK

Find out how to protect your garden furniture from winter weather in the UK to keep it in great condition ready for warmer times in the future.


Winter is a time when we all tend to snuggle up inside, and forget about the outside of our properties for some time. There are however, a few things we have to do outside in order to ensure certain things stay in great condition for when we want to use them again in warmer times.

Your garden furniture is one of those things you need to prepare for winter. You also have to store it well to ensure it is protected from bad weather. If you don’t protect it, you may find it degrades with rust, dirt and debris, leaving you with an unattractive, potentially unusable piece come spring and summer.

Try these easy tips to help protect garden furniture and keep it in great condition over winter:

Clean Your Garden Furniture

Your furniture should be cleaned properly. Remove any soft furnishings and clean them according to manufacturer’s instructions. Most importantly, ensure they are completely dry before you store them.

With the hard materials of the furniture, use gentle washing up liquid and warm water along with a clean sponge to gently cleanse away dirt and debris. Again, the furniture has to be totally dry before storage to prevent rust and rot.

Disassemble If Possible

If the furniture can be disassembled you may wish to do this before storage to save space. Try to neatly package everything together and label the different parts. Store any screws or small items in labelled ziplock bags and tape or tie them to the main furniture parts.

Wipe, Dry And Tie Your Parasol

If you have a parasol you should wipe it down, allow it to dry and then tie it up gently. The tie should be soft enough as not to create an indent in the material.

Store Your Garden Furniture

Once your furniture is cleaned you can choose to store it outside or inside. If you store it outside it is important to find a way to keep it dry. Tarpaulin that is tied around the furniture can help. You can also get special zip covers to place over your furniture. Alternatively, you can store in your garage, shed or summerhouse. The main risk with these kinds of storage is pests, and a lack of climate control. Humidity and extreme temperatures can be a problem in at-home storage, and pests can often find a home inside sheds and summer houses. Mice in particular love to nest inside cushions, rattan furniture and beanbags.

If you want to keep your summerhouse, shed and garage clear and provide your seasonal furniture extra protection, why not consider cheap self storage? It is flexible, comes in any size you need and it often comes with climate control, protecting your furniture against extreme winter temperatures. Even better, you could store other summer items in there too such as: summer toys, camping gear, summer sports equipment and summer clothes. This will give you much more room to nest at home during the colder months, leaving your seasonal items in great condition ready for when you want to use them again.

Storing garden furniture well for winter is a really good idea. It isn’t cheap to buy, and it brings so much joy in summer sitting out on those hazy evenings enjoying a nice drink and some food from the barbecue. It makes sense to look after it in between uses so once the warmer weather comes again, you’ll have all the gear ready to enjoy straight away.