How To Store A Mattress In 5 Simple Steps

Find out how to store a mattress so that it stays in great condition.

How to store a mattress


Mattresses are not cheap items to buy, so when you store a mattress, it makes sense to take the care to store it well. Incorrect storage can lead to the mattress becoming:

  • Misshapen
  • Vulnerable to pest damage
  • Ripped or otherwise damages
  • Damp or mouldy
  • Otherwise broken

Luckily, there is some easy preparation you can take to ensure your mattress is stored well, and comes out of storage in excellent condition. Here’s how to store a mattress in 5 simple steps:

1. Choose The Right Storage Environment

Before preparing your mattress for storage, it is important to have the right environment to store it in. Garages can be good for mattress storage to some degree, but can be prone to pest infestations and environmental damage. Mice just love a snuggly mattress to make a home in!

Ideally, you will have a cheap self storage unit to store your mattress in where there is protection from direct light, flooding, pests, temperature fluctuations and dampness.

2. Clean Your Mattress

Now you have a good storage environment to place your mattress in, you can get it cleaned up ready to store. The first step is giving it a good hoover to remove all the dust and debris from it. You can then clean it as per the manufacturer’s instructions. The most important thing is to ensure it is absolutely dry after cleaning.

3. Protect The Mattress

Now the mattress is completely dry you can add some protection to it. A mattress storage bag is ideal, but they can be expensive. They are better than plastic wrap because plastic wrap keeps moisture in, which could then lead to mould and damp. If you are sure your mattress is bone dry, plastic wrapping could be a lower cost option.

4. Transport The Mattress To Your Unit

Now that your mattress is clean and protected you can transport it to your unit. Do use a professional moving company to do this or ensure you are lifting properly without hurting yourself in the process. You may want to add some extra protection to the mattress to protect it from getting dirty or wet on its journey (especially if it will be attached to the top of a vehicle).

5. Set The Mattress Up

Now the mattress is at its place of storage it is important to place it properly. You could place the mattress flat but most people can’t afford to use the floor space to do this, especially as you can’t store anything on top of it. Storing items on top of the mattress leads to cushion dent and spring damage so it is never a good idea. Instead, place it against the wall safely, ideally with some plastic or cardboard on the floor underneath. Placing it lengthways on its side is better than on its end, which can cause more bending.

Now your mattress is stored safely! Just remember to occasionally air it out and check it is free from pest or mould damage every now and again. With all of this effort, you’re sure to have a mattress in great condition when the time comes to use it at home again.