How To Store Designer Clothes And Accessories In Self Storage

If you collect designer clothes and accessories as a hobby, or for your business, it pays to know useful tips like these on storing them well.

Designer clothes for self storage

Whether you buy designer clothes or goods to wear yourself, as an investment or to sell on, the fact is that it makes sense to store them well because they aren’t cheap. Take a look at these useful tips and tricks on designer clothes and accessories storage to help maintain the integrity of your latest designer collection:

Use The Right Clothing Storage Materials

Try to use breathable storage materials rather than suffocating materials like plastic. With paper or any special wrapping, invest in acid-free types. Literally anything that comes into contact with your items needs to be free from harmful elements.

Ensure That The Storage Unit Has Some Level Of Ventilation

Your self storage unit isn’t a complete vacuum packed space and it does have some ventilation. Use a temperature controlled space that is dark, that has some ventilation and that provides you the ability to regularly air the clothes out.

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Treat Every Item of Clothing Individually

Some items will need folding, others will need hanging, others will need some support to keep them in shape. Treat each piece individually to ensure that you store it properly.

Use The Right Clothes Hangers

Using the wrong hangers for clothes can make them misshapen eventually. Using the wrong material hangers could also discolour your piece. Choose higher quality hangers designed for long term use.

Try To Keep Clothes Off The Ground

Try to keep everything off the ground if you can, as the floor is cold and can hold moisture.

Keep Designer Clothes Steamed And Unsteamed Separate

If you have a new piece in do not store it with an older piece that has already been steamed and clean. This stops any dirt or debris mixing together and damaging clothes you already store.

Visit Regularly

You can’t identify a problem with moisture or dust or any other clothes killers if you don’t visit your collection regularly. Regular visits will ensure that you are able to catch issues quickly and deal with them before clothes are ruined.

Consider Special Advice For High Investment Pieces

If you have any pieces that are worth a lot of money, more than other pieces, then it makes sense to consider special storage for those items. You can consult special experts who create bespoke boxes, bags and other containers for items like your designer goods. Do consider this service if you have a high ticket item you want to protect.

Keep Your Storage Unit Clean

If you are in and out of your unit regularly you might bring in perfume scents, mud, dust and moisture with you, which might damage the protective atmosphere you have worked hard to cultivate. Keep your storage unit nice and clean to ensure your items are well-protected.

Dealing in designer items is rewarding. But it is particularly difficult when it comes to long-term storage because the items are so hard to store well. Follow the tips above. But also do consider seeking professional advice if you are unsure how to store your clothes and accessories. It is worth protecting items that are expensive, especially when they could be worth more in the future if kept in great condition.




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