Is Your Self Storage Facility Offering You The Very Best?

If you are unsure about whether or not your self storage facility is great value, it’s time to reevaluate.

Your self storage facility

Money is tight for many people at the moment as the economy struggles and employment is at an all time low. If you are investing in self storage, you’re getting all the benefits of secure storage space without having to pay for an expensive office contract or buy a bigger house. The question is, are you getting the very best from the facility you use? Every penny counts and it is important to ensure yours are being paid to a self storage facility worthy of your hard earned money.

Consider the following before making your next payment to the self storage facility you use:

Maintenance & Care

It is important that the facility you use is well maintained. If it isn’t it could be that your belongings are at risk of mould, weather damage and other issues. If your facility seems unkempt and unclean, that could be a red flag.

Customer Service

Sometimes we may compromise on bad customer service if we don’t have to interact much with staff to use that service. However, you don’t have to compromise and you probably shouldn’t if you do actually need to use the customer service at your facility regularly. The staff should be polite and helpful and if they aren’t, it may be you think about going somewhere with better customer care.


One of the very best aspects of cheap self storage is the fact it is so flexible. The best facilities should be offering you flexible contracts, easy ability to move from a bigger or smaller unit, amongst other fluid options that make your life easier. If your contract seems rigid, check other facilities and compare. If your contracts are more rigid than others, it will soon become obvious once you compare.


Self storage offers security a cut above most homes and offices. CCTV, great lighting, various lock points, security guards, 24/7 reception – the list goes on. They should also be consistently adapting their security to ensure it stays ahead of what is available. What kind of security does your self storage facility use? Don’t be afraid to ask, and if it doesn’t cut it that could mean your belongings aren’t as safe there as you would like.

Extras & Help

Lots of self storage facilities offer extras and help. These services could include:

  • Selling packing products
  • Offering moving services
  • Offering collect and drop off services
  • 24/7 receptions taking deliveries
  • Networking events

Of course extras aren’t necessary for everyone, but they can be helpful if you use self storage a lot. Business owners, for example, may find that it is helpful to have a facility who will take deliveries for them when they are unable to.

If extras like those above could be helpful to you regularly it could be worth looking for a unit who offers them.

Hopefully the points above have left you feeling a little more in touch with what you can expect from a great self storage facility. Maybe yours is offering you everything you need at a great rate. Perhaps, you are missing out in ways you didn’t realise. If you are, today is a great day to shop around and find a unit that offers you everything you do want from this handy service.