Perfect Plants For Your Office Shelf

Looking to grace your office shelving with beautiful plants? Checkout all these gorgeous houseplant options for a perfect planty working space.



Plants on a shelf

The houseplant trend is set to continue for many seasons to come, which means that you can totally boost your office aesthetic with these green friends. Their benefits go far beyond the look of a space too, as science tells us that having plants in our working space can be highly beneficial to our mental health, not to mention the fact that plants clean air to some degree.

With that in mind, we want to help inspire you to grab those beautiful vintage plant pots from your cheap self storage space and fill them with the perfect plants for your office. As shelves are the perfect way to utilise vertical space, we’re focusing on the many planty friends who love to be in that exact spot.

Here are just some of the perfect plants for your office shelf:

Mother In Laws Tongue

Mother In Laws Tongue is a beautiful, low light tolerant plant that provides a structural element to an office shelf. It thrives on neglect and will happily tolerate both low levels of light, and direct sunlight too.

Pothos Happy Leaf

A pothos happy leaf is a gorgeous variegated vine plant that is highly tolerant of low to medium light. It isn’t very good in direct light, though, so do be mindful of that when you’re placing it.

String Of Hearts

A String Of Hearts plant is a beautiful dangling plant that will grow as long as you want it to grow. It is happy in bright, indirect light and you can easily trim some off, push it into the soil and fatten out the plant in that way, if you want. As the plant naturally lives in crevices, take care to only give it. A big water every now and again as it will quickly deteriorate being watered little and often.

Air Plants

Air plants are incredibly easy to keep as they generally grow without soil and simply need a spray or a soak every now and again. You can get them in special hanging planters too, which look really cute in a home office.

Prayer Plant

There are lots of different types of prayer plants, all similar in the way that they close their leaves at night. They are very colourful and beautiful and will enjoy bright indirect light on your office shelf. Do take care, though, to water with rainwater or filtered water as they can be famously fussy about chemicals in tap water.

Rattlesnake Calathea

Rattlesnake calathea is really compact and cute, perfect for an easy maintenance office shelf plant. Like prayer plants, though, calathea are fussy about their water so do keep that in mind when you’re caring for it.


Fittonia are very cute plants that come in a variety of colours and generally, they are very easy to care for too. They work well in terrariums, or you can keep them on the shelf and they will be happy without indirect light.

Spider Plants

Spider plants are a staple of any houseplant lovers home, especially if you like a plant that really is unfussy and easy to care for. Once settled, it will start to grow little babies which look like spiders hanging on a bit of web. You can easily cut these off and plant them to gift to friends.

Which Plants Will Adorn Your Office Shelf?

There are so many amazing houseplants to place on an office shelf, once you get one you’ll start to find yourself wanting more. It really is an addiction, but one of the healthier types. Now all you need to consider is – which houseplants will you choose for your working space at home?

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