Need Extra Storage For Post-Lockdown Reopening?

As you open your bar, café or restaurant following government guidelines, we can help with post-lockdown storage to store spare equipment you won’t be using in order to maintain social distancing.


The world is starting to come out of lockdown, including restaurants, bars and hotels. Businesses within these industries are stepping over themselves to ensure they can make up for lost time. Many have lost significant revenue whilst lockdown has been in place so it makes sense to do everything possible to bring customers in as soon as they can.


The hospitality industry has taken a massive economic hit with enclosed spaces out of bounds for over 3 months, apart from essential businesses. Now these venues can open in a limited and controlled way, it is important to operate safely and within current social distance guidelines.


The safer we can all make easing of lockdown restrictions, the less likely a second spike is going to be.


If you run a bar, café, restaurant or hotel there are a number of things you need to do to ensure you take every precaution to keep staff and customers safe, here are just a few of them:


Providing A Safe Environment

The instructions and guidance on maintaining clean premises and equipment are extensive. There are many rules and guidelines regarding cleaning, water systems, ventilation and shared items. Employers should spend time familiarising themselves with guidelines and putting plans in place to follow them.


As part of the safe environment plan you should be changing the way your space is laid out. There should be space between tables and seating areas as specified by the government.


With that in mind, you might want to consider some cheap post-lockdown storage to hold spare seating and tables that have to be removed to comply with social distancing.


With enough on your plate ensuring guidelines are met, let your storage issue be one problem easily solved.


We can’t solve all your problems, but we are providing bars, restaurants and hotels an EXCLUSIVE deal on 320 square foot units at just £59 plus VAT per week. This post-lockdown storage gives you a flexible space for all your excess seating, tables and other equipment, until you are back at capacity again. We can also arrange collection at the beginning of rental, and delivery back to you at the end, for a small additional cost.


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Bars, Hotels, Restaurants

Extra storage for tables, chairs etc. to maintain social distancing
£59 / week for 320 sq ft of storage

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It is important to educate staff on when they should not be coming into work, and how long they have to stay off work for if they have any corona virus symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive. Try to make it less of a warning, and more of a supportive encouragement. If staff think they are at risk of job loss from ringing in sick, they may come in anyway, which is a real problem.



Employees should be washing their hands frequently and should have the facilities and time to do so. Hand sanitizer can be used to support these practises if hand-washing with soap and water cannot be completed immediately.



Tissues should be used for any cough or sneeze that isn’t caused by illness. Tissues should be disposed of and hands should be washed straight away.


Face Masks

Wherever possible, staff should wear face coverings. This is imperative when social distancing is difficult to maintain. How to safely use face masks is something all staff should be educated about.


Supplying The Right Equipment

You should supply your staff and customers with everything you can to encourage healthy behaviours. Table placing of hand sanitizer is useful, as well as tissues.

At the very least, there should be as many hygiene products in different easy-to-reach locations across the premises paired with enclosed no-touch bins.



Communication should be clear so that customers and staff know what they need to do. This includes floor signage, guidance on entry and exits and easy to access training and instructional content. Even when signage is clear don’t forget to remind staff and customers if they are not following the guidelines.



Your Business Can Adapt, And Survive This Pandemic

The above are just some recommended guidelines for businesses during this post-lockdown adjustment period. You can and should take a look at the latest government guidelines relating to your industry.