Preparing Your Sofa For Storage

Sofa’s and other soft furnishings are expensive and putting them into storage can be worrying if you don’t protect them properly. Here we look at how to ensure your sofa’s and other soft furnishings come out of storage the way they went in.

The love of our life, the soft, squashy, beautiful, expensive piece of furniture we love to spend as much time on as possible – the sofa. Sofa’s can be found in living rooms everywhere in the UK, and across the globe. They can be low and vintage, big fluffy and squashy, bright floral and fuzzy – they come in all shapes, sizes and styles, and they tend to be the focal point of the living room.

There may come a time when you need to store away your beloved sofa. Perhaps you have had to replace it and you need to store it to make way for the new one, eventually selling the old one when you have time. Maybe you need to store your sofa while you redecorate, or you need to store your sofa because it’s too big for your new home, but you aim to upsize again in the future and take your favourite sofa with you. Whatever your reason for using storage for your sofa, you’re going to need to store it right. Sofa’s are not cheap, so it makes sense to take the time to prepare it properly so it doesn’t suffer any damage and comes back out of storage in the condition it was in when you put it in.

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Stage One – First things first….

Make sure you choose the right storage facility. This may seem obvious but, if you don’t have much time or you’re on a tight budget it would make sense to jump at the first place you can afford. This would be a mistake though. If they don’t have the best security your unit could be broken into, if the temperatures aren’t controlled it could affect the sofa, if there isn’t vermin control you may end up getting your sofa back with some added furry friends you didn’t ask for. Basically – your sofa is worth more than a quick, badly thought out decision to store in an unsuitable facility. Make sure you take your time to do your research and choose a facility with:

  • Great security
  • Affordable but fair prices
  • Good hygiene
  • Climate control
  • Friendly staff


placing sofa in self storageStage 2 – Preparing Your Sofa For Self-Storage

Of course, it doesn’t matter if you use the best storage facility known to man, if you don’t prepare your sofa properly, it’s not going to come out in the best condition.

The first step will be cleaning the sofa. This is so important as it ensures your sofa is protected from being damaged by mould, mildew, dirt and debris already present on or in the sofa. So a small tarnish when the sofa is stored, could rot the sofa completely if it is left to develop in a different environment that may encourage it to go mouldy or to weaken the material. Before you clean the sofa fully, be sure to take all the cushions off and hoover or remove any crumbs and other debris like coins and toys as they can cause damage if left inside the sofa.

When you look into cleaning the furniture you must research the type of material you are working with and look at the manufacturer’s instructions. Cleaning the sofa incorrectly could damage it permanently, so it is extremely important to take the time to research how to do it right. Leather, cotton, linen, wool and silk all have very different instructions for cleaning. If you are at any point unsure about how to clean your sofa, or you are worried about your ability to do it yourself – invest in expert advice. There’s nothing wrong with paying someone to do the work for you if it means the job is done right.

When you have cleaned the sofa you will then need to cover it over. The trick is to firstly ensure that it is not wet at all. If the sofa has been cleaned and isn’t completely dry you will get mould and mildew which will damage your sofa while it is in storage. It may also damage other items in storage because it carries moisture in with it. When you are sure it is dry, you can place a cover on it. Do not opt for a plastic cover – this is a bad idea. It is not breathable and if any moisture is present, condensation will occur and cause huge problems. It might also be worth placing protection on the corners (padding) and around the wheels, so you can protect potential damage from moving the sofa around.


armchair in self storageStage 3 – Placing The Sofa In Storage

You need to think carefully when you place the sofa in your storage facility. Some people choose to store their sofa upside down or on the side – we recommend storing it as it sits in your living room. We also recommend you do not place boxes or any items on top of it if possible as these will strain the sofa and may cause long term damage. Ideally the sofa will be able to sit in a space with room to breathe around it.


Stage 4 – Climate Controlled Self Storage

Climate controlled self storage is a great idea, and should be high on your priority list when you look at investing in storage space. The material your sofa is made from can become discoloured, wear down, fade, shrink, expand or rot if the temperature extremes affect it. For this reason, climate controlled storage is a really great investment. Most reputable self storage companies offer this service.

To Conclude

Take your time. If you want your sofa to be in the most safe and secure conditions and to stay in good condition you need to take your time choosing the right self storage, and take your time cleaning it and protecting it for storage.