Self Storage During The Global Covid-19 Pandemic: Your Questions Answered

If you have questions about self storage during the Covid-19 pandemic this article will help answer at least some of them, or direct you where to go next with your enquiry.

Washing hands to prevent Covid-19

Covid-19 has affected every country, every person and every business in some shape or form. Whether you are an individual who has concerns about using self storage again after lockdown, or a business who doesn’t know what to do about delivery issues to their locker, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Whilst we can’t solve every problem you might have at the moment because of the virus, we can at least provide assistance and advice in relation to Covid-19 and your use of self storage.

Here are some of the most common questions and answers about self storage during Covid-19:

Do I Need To Disinfect My Self Storage Unit?

It is a good idea to follow the advice of your self storage facility, which is likely to recommend the following:

● Follow all the facilities rules on wearing masks and maintaining social distancing whilst using the facility
● Use antibacterial gel regularly and wash your hands whenever you get the chance
● Wipe down any items coming into, or leaving your unit using alcohol wipes where it is appropriate to do so
● Keep your unit tidy and organised to help manage cleanliness easily
● Do not visit the facility if you have signs and symptoms of Covid-19

What If I Need To Get To My Unit But I Have Covid-19?

You should not visit the facility or leave your home. Instead, speak to a loved one about visiting instead, arranging a safe way for them to get the key from you without spreading the virus.

I Am Having Issues With Deliveries, Can You Help?

Some people are experiencing double or triple deliveries at once as delays clear and they find they need extra unit space. Facilities can usually help you with a larger unit at cost which you can then downsize as soon as you need to in accordance with your weekly or monthly contract. You may also get assistance from reception who will be able to receive deliveries round the clock if you have a 24/7 self storage facility. There are often trucks, trolleys and other tools you can use to help with your delivery too.

I Don’t Have A Self Storage Unit Yet But I Need One Temporarily Because Of The Pandemic, Is That Possible?
Some contracts only last a week, and some are even as short as a day. There’s usually a high amount of flexibility with self storage so if you need temporary help with storage, contact your local facility.

Can You Get Last Minute Storage?

A lot of people are struggling with last minute emergencies that involve them needing to quickly clear a house or store lots of belongings. If that is you, the chances are you can get last minute cheap self storage. As long as facilities are allowed to open they will help customers get a unit at short notice.

I Can’t Afford My Unit Costs Because I Am Out Of Work, What Do I Do?

You have a contract with your self storage facility which will explain what the consequences of non-payment are. However, it is important to speak to your facility as soon as you can if you foresee issues paying your bill.

It may be that if you know you will get a payment soon, they will allow a double payment next month. Or, they may allow you to pay late as a one-off. It all depends on the facility but the chances are, if you communicate your issues with them, they are more likely to be helpful than if you don’t say anything at all.

The questions above are some key examples of self storage enquiries current customers and potential customers have. If you are unsure about self storage, contact your nearest facility and they will be more than happy to help. There is a self storage solution for everyone at this time, taking at least one worry from your domestic or business storage concerns during this challenging time.