Starting A New University Semester? Here’s How To Get Your Stuff Out Of Storage

Find out how to get your things out of self storage easily as you finish the holidays and start a new semester.

Taking possessions out of storage

In between semesters many students choose to store their belongings in cheap self storage. Doing this has many advantages including:

  • Avoiding the need to take everything home between semesters
  • Saving money on accommodation between semesters
  • Keeping valuables safe whilst you aren’t in your accommodation
  • Giving you a place to store your things as you search for new accommodation
  • Enabling you to stay in a smaller place and make the most of the square footage because you don’t have to store all your things with you
  • Enabling you to store bulky things like sports equipment and camping gear

As you start a new semester, it’s time to address that self storage unit once again and get ready for a whole new term of learning.

To help you get your things out of self storage effectively, you’ll want to follow these tips:

Ditch Anything Mouldy Or Broken

If you chucked your things into your unit in a rush at the end of your last semester, you may find a few things are broken or mouldy when you return to your unit. Don’t bother transporting those things back to your uni accommodation, ditch it there and then.

Wash Everything Else

Apart from electronics, all your clothes, bedding and blankets will need a wash after being in your unit, especially if they went in there unwashed.

Check All The Electronics Are Working

Make sure all your accessories and tech is still working. Any that is broken might need replacing straight away and again, like with mouldy or broken items, you can save effort by ditching it there and then rather than taking it back to your accommodation.

Consider Being Selective With What You Take Back

If you have the time, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort, and room in your new place, by being selective with what you take back with you. Seasonal wardrobes, for example, are more functional and take up less space in your uni wardrobe. And, do you really need the Christmas tree and decorations now? Think carefully about what you want to take back with you, to save space and effort overall.

Pack Carefully

Just as you pack carefully before any move, you should do so when packing up your cheap self storage unit. You don’t want to waste the time dealing with broken items at your new home when you could be getting to know your housemates instead. Even if you wrap breakables in towels, and stuff kitchen roll in and around your mugs, you’re protecting your things so they’re going to be in the best shape when you unpack them.

Double Up With A Friend

Why not double up with a friend, sharing a unit and helping each other load and unpack your things? This will save money on petrol, it will be quicker, your unit will cost less, and you’ll have somebody to laugh and chat with as you get this rather boring task sorted out.

Leave That Unit Looking Tidy

If you intend to keep using your self storage unit throughout your degree, it makes sense to leave it looking tidy. The more messy and dysfunctional that space is, the less likely you will want to use it and the harder your things will be to find. Give it a quick tidy before you leave so you won’t have a messy unit to return to later on in the year.

Getting your things out of cheap self storage isn’t the most exciting part of going back to university, but it is essential. Take your time, declutter, freshen everything up, and leave your unit in a tidy state. When you’re settled in, having fun and you’ve a functional storage space to use, you’ll be grateful to yourself for wrapping things up so well.