How To Successfully Stage Your Bedroom For A House Sale

 Find out how to stage your bedroom for a house sale with essential tips and tricks to help you prepare for those all important viewings.Think decluttering and aiming for the look of a great hotel bedroom.


When you sell your home, you need to stage all of it, but there’s one room that is particularly tricky to stage, and that is the bedroom.


With areas you eat in you can add a nice table, and dress the table with plates and lovely accessories.With areas you socialise in you can make a show of the seating area, and the fireplace or the suggested TV space. With the bathroom you can opt for cleanliness and light. With the bedroom however, how do you make a space you sleep in, interesting? How do you make it staged so that potential buyers are drawn to it?

house sale - staged bedroom


It certainly is not the easiest room to stage, which is why we have these amazing steps to help you achieve a beautiful, attractive and perfectly staged bedroom:


Use A Smaller Bed

This may sound like an odd tip, but it actually works very well to make your bedroom bigger. Don’t downsize to a single of course, but choose a smaller and lower bed to your own to create a larger looking room. Place your old bed in cheap self storage and place your smaller bed in your home for staging. If you don’t have a smaller bed to use, snap up a cheap used one online and dress it using nice bedding and pillows.


Declutter Your Wardrobe

Your wardrobe doesn’t matter if it is freestanding, because the potential buyers will know it won’t be there when they move in. However, if it is a built in wardrobe it does matter because it accounts for extra space which in house selling terms means ‘value’. If you can empty it and place your items in cheap self storage, great. If you can’t empty it, declutter it and organise it to make it look as big as possible.

sell house quickly - stage your bedrooms

Take Away Personality From The Room

The bedroom is a very personal room, however, it can’t be if you want it to appeal to buyers. Personal pictures, strong colours and lots of ornaments and accessories should all be placed in self storage. Instead, transform the room into a neutral space, with light colours and clean, clear surfaces. Add texture to bed coverings with different materials like crushed velvet, thick knits and faux fur to add interest and opulence.


Base It On A Good Hotel Room

If you are unsure which furniture you should keep in your bedroom when placing your home on sale, try and base the look on a hotel room, which, has been designed to be attractive but practical. Usually a bed, a bedside table, lamp and possibly a chair for a smaller room, and then additional furniture for larger rooms will work well.

staging bedroom for house sale

Get The Lighting Right

In the day, the windows should be letting the light in to the room. Make sure the window is clean and the windowsill is free from clutter. In the evening, make sure there is ample light for viewings. Add extra lights if you need to and avoid one single downlight or a dim bedside lamp. Both can make the room look dark and claustrophobic.


Your bedroom will not be the only factor in selling your home, but you need to stage your bedroom as it forms part of the entire package. Keep it simple, neutral, well-lit and spacious and it’s sure to impress potential buyers during viewings.

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