What Can’t You Store in Self-Storage?



Self storage is an amazing option for anyone needing extra storage space, however there are a few rules to be aware of when it comes to what you can store – here’s a brief overview.


Self storage is a fabulous option for anyone needing extra space for storage. It’s inexpensive, convenient, secure and very easy to use.


When you opt for cheap storage, it’s important to know what you can and cannot store. Whether you’re storing because you’re travelling the world in a gap year, moving home, growing your business or just because you need more space – the rules are still the same for everyone.


Here are just some of the basic items you are allowed to store:


  • Clothing
  • DVD’s, videos, CD’s, records
  • Books, files, paperwork
  • TV’s, DVD players, CD players, record players
  • Furniture – garden furniture, sofas, tables, chairs, lamps
  • Sports equipment, hobby equipment


Item’s You Are Not Allowed To Store


  • Fireworks – these are incredibly dangerous, need to be stored in specific environments and require a license to be stored
  • Stolen or illegal goods
  • Flammables like gas or petrol
  • Plants – these will not survive in self storage and cause a negative effect on a controlled environment
  • Perishables – food or animals


It may seem obvious that you cannot store animals in a self storage unit, but you wouldn’t believe what some people consider to be acceptable when it comes to self storage. Not all items are listed on this page.


If you’re considering renting a self storage unit to store a specific type of item, we recommend that you contact us first to ask if we allow it to be stored.


Easy and Cheap Storage


When you consider the many items we can store, the items you can’t store actually form a very small list. Self storage is a cheap and easy way to gain storage space for your business, your current residential property or for hobbies and the storage of items you simply have no room for.


Reasons to consider self storage:


  • You’re moving home and need to keep items safe and secure during the move
  • You’re downsizing for a while and want to keep certain items for when you upsize again
  • You have a hobby that takes up a lot of space and want room to enjoy the items
  • You need to expand your business and want convenient, quick and cheap storage space to use in place of an expensive warehouse
  • You’re having a baby and need to clear space for a nursery
  • You’re going on a gap year and want to store your items while you give up your home, or your child is going on a gap year and you want to free up space in the home while they are away
  • You have to work in an expensive area for a while where space is a premium and cannot take much with you, and need to store it in a safe and secure place


Self storage is a great solution for many different issues – consider using it to clear space at work or at home.

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