Why We’re Spending More Money Than Ever Before On Houseplants

Find out why homeowners are spending more money than ever before on houseplants and their accessories.


As it stands the average Brit is spending £300 a year on house plants and in America, some millennials are even spending as much as their rent on plants, investing $100’s of dollars at a time on leafy pals. But why is this happening? Why are we so in love with indoor jungles? Let’s take a closer look at why we are spending more money than ever before on houseplants:

Because Buying A House Feels Out Of Reach

For many young people it feels impossible to buy a house, so instead, money is invested in decor and making the home look beautiful. Plants are a textural, lush and attractive type of accessory, and with money not being saved for a mortgage, we can afford them, lots of them.

They Look Beautiful

Plants look stunning and provide a really attractive and structural visual feature for a home. As they are on trend and come in all kinds of colours, shapes and sizes, they’re an easy win when it comes to making your house look great.

We’re Nurturing

Lots of young people aren’t having children either at all, or as early as people used to have them. For that reason, many people enjoy nurturing something else, like a pet, or a plant.

Because Minimalism Doesn’t Exclude Planty Maximalism

Minimalism and decluttering has us all packing up, selling off and keeping items neatly in affordable self storage so that where we live is as valuable as possible. We make the most of every square foot. Of course, just because of that budget self storage use and minimalism, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on certain types of maximalism. Plants, for example, are beneficial, they bring joy, they serve a purpose and they are healthy. They slot into a minimalist house perfectly.

They Help Us Feel Well

Caring for something natural and seeing it grow, touching the earth and having time to preen and care for something that is alive is so therapeutic. The world is so stressful, we need these wellbeing projects to help us wind down and cope with everything going on.

Plants Are Cheap

The more we buy plants, the more are grown to meet that demand and the cheaper they become. In such a challenging world with rising costs everywhere, it’s nice to have a hobby like indoor plants that is cheap, and in some cases (if you’re savvy) totally free.

They Keep You Moving

Some people are spending money on houseplants because they want to keep moving and exercising. Some people do this with walking, swimming or outdoor gardening, but for some, it’s indoor gardening that gets them doing exercise and using their muscles, which can only be a good thing.

Are You Onboard With The Indoor Plant Trend Yet?

Whether you’re staring into a forest of pothos, monstera and ferns, or you’re yet to indulge in more than a plastic succulent, the fact is that the houseplant trend isn’t going anywhere. It’s also good for us, low-cost and breeds a healthier environment for our bodies and minds. Seems like a pretty good way to spend money, if you ask us.





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