Storage In The Loft VS Cheap Self Storage

Is your loft storage really working for you? Or could cheap self storage be a better option?

Loft storage


If you have a loft in your house it’s likely that you have found it very tempting to use loft storage for anything and everything in there. From Christmas decorations, to camping equipment, the loft serves as a storage space for pretty much anything, doesn’t it?

Have you considered cheap self storage as a potentially better option than loft storage?

Whilst the loft is something that doesn’t cost any extra money to store things in, and it is within your house, there are extra benefits to cheap self storage you might want to consider:

The Space On Offer

Your loft is likely to only be the same size as the overall footprint of your house. This offers a lot of opportunity for storage, but it is restrictive when it comes to storing lots of items or particularly large items. Cheap self storage, however, can be as big as you like which is a real benefit.

Ease Of Access

There are some rather big issues with storing items in the loft when it comes to the access. For example, it’s unlikely to be easy to store a large sofa up there. Can you imagine trying to get a large sofa into the loft? Being unable to move items in at ground level can be a real problem, depending on what it is you want to store. Access is not a problem though, when it comes to cheap self storage.


Whilst the loft may be able to store a few light items it may not be the best option when it comes to storing heavy items. The floorboards in the loft may mean that it isn’t actually safe for you to store certain things. Storing too much in a loft can result in you compromising the integrity of your homes structure.


Items are as secure as they can be in your loft but they will never be as secure as they are in a self storage facility. In a self storage facility you have CCTV alarm systems, 24-hour reception, multiple lock points, floodlights and more. Storage facilities are in the business of keeping your items secure so your home is never likely to be quite as secure as a self storage unit would be.

Natural Safeguarding

In a home flooding, environmental damage, pests, and fire, are more likely to be an issue for your storage than they would be in a self storage facility. That is because self storage facilities have huge safeguards in place to protect your items from this kind of damage.

Extra Benefits

There are many extra benefits to having a cheap self storage unit such as:

  • Help moving things
  • Equipment like trolleys that you can borrow
  • Reception taking your deliveries out of hours
  • Paperwork storage and destruction
  • Moving services

A cheap self storage unit does cost more than using your loft for storage. However, for a reasonable cost every month it could be worth considering if you want to access some of the benefits that you can only get from a self storage unit compared to your loft.

Could your storage setup be better with a cheap self storage unit? Think about the benefits today to potentially boost your home organisation tomorrow.