The Medium Self Storage Combo Units 45sqft (1 x 10sqft & 1 x 35sqft)

These two units can be used for larger household furniture and storage boxes.

Which Self Storage unit do I need?


Remember that when you are storing items such as furniture in a self-storage unit they do not need the same amount of space as they would if being used within the home. For example beds and sofas can be stored upright to take up less floor space and make full use of the height of a storage unit.

Boxes can be stacked to also take full advantage of the height of the unit (although it is important to place heavier boxes at the bottom).

Depending on whether you need to access your stored items, and how often, you will also need to consider ease of access. When storing business stock or paper records it may be easier to use shelving units inside the storage unit and have a proper system for storing everything to make retrieval easier and quicker. Again depending on required access you may want to leave a clear route to the back of the unit.


Our storage advisors know how to get the maximum number of items into any given container size, call to talk to a storage advisor now on 08000 641642.

Disclaimer – Dimensions are shown as a guide, as containers may vary slightly in size due to manufacturing tolerances. If you have a specific item that may appear a tight fit, and are unsure, please call a Storage Advisor for further assistance.