The Top 10 Uses For Cheap Self Storage

Read about the 10 most popular uses for cheap self storage to see how it could benefit you as a domestic or business user.

Some self storage units

 With more and more people living in the UK now, the population is growing, which means that each family has less and less space overall. With that in mind, it is no surprise that cheap self storage is so popular now, as business or domestic users recognise the benefits of flexible, reasonably priced secure storage space.

If you’re still not sure if cheap self storage is for you, take a look at these top 10 uses for domestic and business users and you might just be pleasantly surprised:

1. Moving House

Self storage provides a secure ‘middle ground’ when you’re moving between properties and can be as big or as small as you need it to be.

2. Downsizing

If you are moving into a smaller properly temporarily you can store items until you move into a bigger property again. Or, you can store them for a while until you have time to sell them.

3. Online Business

The main issues online businesses have is storage space. Cheap self storage enables online businesses keeping a close eye on the bottom line to securely store their stock.

4. Seasonal Items

Camping kit, Christmas decorations, seasonal wardrobes and more can all take up space in the home when we only use them for a short time every year. Self storage provides a place to store those items between their uses.

5. Hobbies

Some hobbies and sports can come with really hefty equipment. Cheap self storage provides a space to keep the gear safe until you next get to enjoy it.

6. Renovating & Decorating

If a person is renovating and decorating they need to protect their belongings from paint and debris. Cheap self storage provides the perfect home for those items whilst the house is done up.

7. Decluttering

Decluttering sometimes needs to happy quickly, in which case self storage provides a place to hold everything whilst you find the time to sell it on or divvy it out to charity shops, leaving your home clutter free in the meantime.

8. Having A Baby

Expanding the family can mean that you require an extra room, that perhaps has lots in it at the moment. Babies use up a lot of space so it makes sense to place a few things in storage for a short time until you can find permanent space for your growing family in the future.

9. Between University Semesters

It may be that you are moving house between your semesters, or you’re moving home but you don’t want to take everything with you. Placing your items in a unit means that they are safe and secure until you return to your uni town again next time.

10. A New Business Idea

New businesses can’t usually commit to warehouse or office space, and so cheap self storage becomes a really good idea. It is a cheaper option, and it is flexible which means that it is able to help businesses avoid the growing pains commonly associated with the first year of business.

The above are some of the most popular reasons both businesses and domestic users like to use self storage. In a growing country, space is at a premium and self storage has a use for most businesses and families. How would you use flexible, fairly priced storage?