Your Mini Guide To The Best Car Boot Sales In London

Car boots can be great ways to buy and sell everything from clothes to antiques. Here are some of the best car boot sales in London to inspire your Sunday morning plans.

Items in a London car boot sale

Car boot sales are a great way to make a few quid of a Sunday if you have lots of clutter to get rid of. They are also great places to buy antiques, furniture and other unique pieces you may not find elsewhere. If you’re in the business of buying or selling in a buzzing, fun environment that changes every week, take a look at some of the best car boot sales in London to start your Sunday morning inspiration:

The Best Car Boot Sales In London

Wimbledon (Summerstown)

Wimbledon car boot is huge and there are usually thousands of stalls selling everything you can thing of. For sellers it may not be so good unless you know you have extremely desirable goods because there are so many stalls to compete with. For buyers (especially dealers) there is a £2 early bird entry you should definitely invest in because you get the first pick of the goods.

Battersea (Battersea Park School)

This high end car boot is popular among buyers who love everything and anything vintage. There won’t be any 50p or 3 for a £1 stalls here, but you could grab yourself a beautiful designer chair at a bargain price.

Holloway (Holloway Road)

Because it sits in a University area there are plenty of discounts for students on some stalls so students looking to pick up a bargain should head to this car boot. Otherwise, it hosts a wide range of reasonably priced stalls and is particularly great for book lovers. Plus, it is free to browse so you’ve nothing to lose by heading down for a meander.

Hounslow (Hounslow West Station Car Park)

An excellent car boot for second hand goods, this market is great for a spot of second hand clothes shopping and picking up fresh local produce for lunch too. You won’t find vintage here though so dealers look elsewhere.

Shepperton (New Road London)

Known for its friendly and well seasoned car boot sellers, this car boot is well established and has an eclectic mix of goods ranging from antiques stalls to rummage and find second hand clothes stalls.

Stoke Newington (Princess May School)

Very trendy, very hipster, the Princess May car boot is the place to be for all things vintage and designer. There are also some gorgeous culinary delights to be found on the market in the summer months.

Kings Cross (Lewis Cubitt Square)

This isn’t a weekly event, but it is a worthwhile event if you want some truly fun atmosphere to soak up whilst you buy. All the vendors dress up in period clothing and there is vintage everything to buy, as well as vintage cars to swoon over too! A fun and fancy event for those who are truly passionate about all things vintage.

Need Some More Room For Your Purchases?

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