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Moving house or just need to free up some space at home? We can safely store almost anything in our low-cost storage units.

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Business Storage

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We provide the best storage unit solutions for stock, furniture and equipment, with FREE collection and delivery.

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Hassle-Free Storage: We Collect, We Store, We Deliver

Friendly, efficient, prompt, careful, and considerate. Everything you want from a self storage company.

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✓ We come to you to collect
✓ We do the packing and loading
✓ Van and fuel on us
✓ Storage in secure facility

low costs

✓ Storage from £1 a day
✓ Prices fixed for 1 year
✓ 60% cheaper than Big Yellow
✓ No hidden charges


We have a wide selection of cheap storage units of different type and size for short-term and long-term storage. Whether you have just a few precious items or the full contents of your home; whether you have paperwork, seasonal stock or spare office furniture, we have a low-cost storage unit that is ideal for your needs.


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  • We can store furniture, antiques, hobby collectables and musical instruments in a secure storage unit at our facility. In fact, just about anything you need to store safely we can do just that. We offer covered storage units indoors (with and without climate control) with trolleys and a loading bay to make the loading and unloading process easier. We also provide external storage containers, which are our large units that you can drive up to (with a 320 square foot floor area) and easy access to park your van. With our unbeatable deals, our cheapest self storage prices start from as little as £9.90/per week for our smallest self storage unit. That’s a much better deal than self storage in London and we also have a collection service. Our storage units cost less but our professional customer service is unbeatable and you can expect the highest levels of security for your belongings and stored items at our self storage facility.



Hassle-Free Storage We Collect, We Store, We Deliver

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Call us now on 08000 641 642 to book an inexpensive self storage unit or check our opening hours here.


Collection & Delivery Service:
From London and Home Counties

In addition to the best prices, great service and a secure storage facility, we also provide a free collection and delivery service from London locations, surrounding counties and other parts of the UK to and from our convenient storage facility. We always use our own fleet of vehicles, each with a professional two-man team who do all the heavy lifting for you so there’s no need to rent a van (or other form of transport) and load everything into it yourself. We are self storage experts and this is convenient self-storage at its best – the whole process will save you time and hassle – all at the right price.

More about Collection & Delivery ➤

Our Collection & Delivery service provides a unique, more-affordable alternative to self storage in London

  • Our helpful and super friendly team will arrive as agreed in a van from our own fleet of vehicles containing portable self storage units. They will then carefully and efficiently place large items into your storage unit. It will be sealed in your presence and we will transport it to our secure storage warehouse where only you will have access to the contents. The safety of your belongings is of the highest importance to us. Our collection and storage services are available in and around Central London.
  • If you need extra space and are looking for storage in London, check our customer reviews for what people say about our affordable storage choices and great customer service. For house moves and office moves we have the perfect unit size to suit your needs – all in a convenient location if you need regular access.



Switch & Save:
Move from current storage and save money

Storage unit prices gone up again at your current self-storage company? Did you know that we can collect your possessions and move them to one of our secure storage facilities and save you money? All completely FREE OF CHARGE if you store with us for 6 months or more. No need to rent a van (or other form of transport) and load your belongings yourself, and we guarantee it will be cheaper per week than your current storage in London. We provide covered indoor storage units (with and without climate control) and external container storage (with a 320 square foot floor area) that you can drive up to.

More about Switch & Save ➤

Our storage solutions provide a more-affordable alternative to self storage in London

  • You could save on self storage costs right now without any hassle with our Switch and Save Offer. Our team picks up your items from your existing self storage in London or anywhere in the south east of the UK (including Central London). They will load them into the portable self storage unit already on the van – one of our fleet of vehicles – security seal the unit so only you have access, then move everything to our secure facility close to London. It’s easily accessible if you need regular access 7 days a week, with trolleys and loadings bays available for larger items. That’s all part of our great service for all of our customers, and just another one of our unique self-storage benefits that you won’t find elsewhere.
  • All of our storage unit prices are fixed for 1 year for all of our self storage customers so you can budget easily for your self-storage costs and our pricing is clear and straightforward. If you’re looking for better storage in London our storage services are unbeatable on price and customer service.



Personal Self Storage

There are many reasons why people need a self storage unit in the UK: moving to a new place, building an extension, renovating, relocating to a new area, downsizing, relationship breakdown – these are just some of the reasons. It can be difficult to know how long you will need to store your possessions because these sorts of events are unpredictable. It’s well known that moving home can be an unnecessarily long process here in the UK; and improvement or renovation projects almost always take longer than expected.

More about personal self storage ➤

Benefits for Individuals, Couples and Families of All Sizes

Only you know what your exact plans are but a self storage expert is always happy to advise new customers on factors like: how much does the cheapest self storage cost, do you need you own padlock and is a security deposit required? What are the most popular storage unit sizes and do you have loading bays? How does the free collection service work? What you can and can’t store in our storage units, and your own insurance cover policy requirements that are highly recommended.

  • Insurance costs are extra and vary depending on item value and different areas. These are all important features and details in a storage rental contract. Another few factors to bear in mind are how much storage space is necessary for your storage needs and how best to simply pack excess belongings whilst in storage. The self storage industry has changed and our storage solutions provide a highly competitive alternative to traditional self storage in London for long-term and temporary storage.

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Business Self Storage

Companies often need secure, low cost business storage units in London and surrounding regions as they expand but are not yet ready to take on larger premises. For instance, you may be required by law to store certain paper documents for several years and need the extra room and storage space for archive containers. A seasonal business may need to store out-of-season stock off-site in a secure self-storage facility to make space for current season stock. We provide a London self storage service, and free collection and delivery.

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Benefits for Businesses of All Sizes

Small companies or start-ups also choose our self-storage units because they are convenient and cost-effective. They provide security but also flexibility in contract length and storage unit size – and it’s easy to increase or decrease storage unit size with fluctuating business demands.

  • If you’re not yet ready to expand your business premises or office space we have the right solution located close to where you need it. If you need a storage service with secure access 7 days a week, a CCTV monitored facility and a helpful team to load your items then you have found that service. Whether you need long-term or temporary storage, our storage services provide a smart alternative to business self storage in London. And we provide accurate estimates of how much storage space is necessary for your storage needs to keep costs down.

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10 Interesting Facts About Self Storage ➤

A trustworthy storage provider offers secure storage units at high quality self storage facilities at a great price. All with great customer service and convenience – but you probably knew that already. However, there are some aspects of renting space you probably don’t know about so here are 10 interesting facts about self storage:

1. Secure Storage Units Can Be Indoors or Outdoors

Self storage units come in a wide variety of different settings. Some are huge buildings with lockable units inside with a lock and key. Some are like parking lots with rows of garages. There are also some self storage facilities with outdoor shipping units that you can store in.

2. A Storage Unit Can Be All Shapes And Sizes

You may envisage a room sized unit when you think about an inexpensive self storage unit, but they come in a variety of different sizes. You can actually get low-cost storage units as little as a gym locker and as big as a football field, plus everything in between with a corresponding range of self storage prices. Typical storage unit sizes include 10 sq ft (the size of an average estate care), 35 sq ft (the size of a garden shed), 50 sq ft, 70 sq ft, 100 sq ft, 140 sq ft (the size of a large garage).
Self Storage When Moving Home

3. Temperature Control is Available

Some people don’t realise that temperature control is a common aspect of good storage units. These facilities enable you to keep your unit at a temperature you feel is best for the contents. For example; wine storage might be better cooler.

indoor self storage at

4. A Storage Unit Is Closer Than You Think

You may have driven past huge storage providers at major London junctions, but there are many more storage businesses in other locations. There is almost always low-cost storage closer than you realise.

5. You Can’t Store Everything

You can store most things in low-cost self storage units, but not everything. The restrictions are actually quite straightforward and the rules are not dependent on storage location, type of storage unit or facilities. Organic materials like food and plants can never be stored in a storage unit. Explosives like fireworks are also not allowed, nor any flammable materials or chemicals, including paint. It is always a good idea to check with the facility.

6. It Isn’t All Corporations

Although many great self storage places are owned by large corporations with sites at prominent London locations, plenty are not. The differences are important as there are factors to consider before making a decision and there are benefits to both types of secure storage units.

using cheap self storage when moving abroad

7. Deliveries Can Be Accepted

You may be interested to know that some self storage companies will actually take deliveries for you day or night – storing items until required. This can be very handy when it comes to keeping operations running well.

8. Help With a House Move

Many self storage places offer help when moving to a new home just like a removals company – making the process more stress free. This can be as minimal as selling great packing materials or as much as offering complete packing of your belongings and furniture moving services just like a removal company. This can be so handy if you are moving and want to utilise both moving services and store some stuff in a self storage unit to keep your belongings safe.


9. Contracts Are Flexible

Self storage contracts are extremely flexible at most facilities, and can be easily adapted depending on your needs and what you want to store in a secure storage unit. This is handy for growing businesses, student storage units during university holidays or for customers who like to pick and choose how they use self storage; or simply want to store more stuff.

10. Easy To Move To a Different Sized Storage Unit

If you do need less space one month because things are slow, you’ve moved stuff from your student storage to a new rented students house, or you’re actually renovating and need more space to store large furniture, that isn’t a problem. It is very easy to increase or decrease your local storage space month on month by upsizing to larger units or alternatively downsizing to smaller storage units, so you only ever pay for the space and the unit type you need. Self storage facilities are a handy service where your belongings are safe in a storage unit. Most storage providers say insurance cover is highly recommended depending on replacement value but remember the cheapest quote is not always the best. Another alternative is to extend your home cover or commercial insurance policy.

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Benefits of Cheap Self Storage When You Work From Home ➤


Self Storage For People Who Work from Home

Here’s how to utilise cheap self storage to help you work from home more comfortably both short-term and long-term.


A desk to work from home on in the garden


Working from home is the dream for many, and is becoming much more of a reality as technology allows workers to base themselves at home. Being an entrepreneur or start-up, is likely to begin as a working from home position.

If you are going to be working from home soon, or you plan to work from home, you could probably use some handy advice on helping this process get going. After all, the dream of working from home is often not the reality. You do need to put a bit of work in to get it to work well.

We can’t solve every problem you’re sure to encounter during this transition. What we can do is give you a tipoff about a really handy service you can use when you are working from home, and that is self storage. Cheap self storage has a ton of benefits for anybody who works from home, here’s how:

1. Home Office

With cheap self storage you can easily place everything from your summerhouse, spare room or garage to create space for your new office. Once you have self storage setup, you can take any space in your home from domestic to professional, in as little as an afternoon.

2. Stock

Stock can take up a lot of space in the home, which can be a real problem for family life. If your new working from home endeavour is causing you to have a lot of stock in your house, self storage is a really great idea. With the lighting, security, reception and temperature control, self storage is likely a safer place for your stock anyway.

3. Organisation

It can be hard to stay organised at home, because all of your business things are amongst everything else. This can be detrimental to a good working life. Having somewhere separate for your work things can be really useful. A space like self storage where you can visit, get files or information, and switch it with completed work, is handy.

4. Stock Safety From Pets And Children

Pets and children can accidentally damage and move work items. This can be as small as replacing some paperwork, or as huge as losing a client. Cheap self storage protects your most precious work items from accidental damage by your family.

5. A Bit Of Space

Working from home is great, but sometimes it’s nice just to have a bit of space from the family, or being in the same space everyday. Self storage gives you your own private four walls to spend a little bit of time pottering around.

6. Room To Buy Things Cheaply

You can use cheap self storage to buy things in bulk when they cost less, giving your business a bit more money to play with in other areas.

7. Room To Grow

Cheap self storage helps you work from home because it gives you room to grow. It enables you to utilise cheap storage space without committing to warehouse space or office space. You can instead work from home or at cheap hot desking units whilst keeping your stock and other items in an affordable, flexible space.

Working from home can be amazing, but you do need to make it work for your individual needs. Using self storage, and other affordable services, you can create the space you need to nurture your next business venture.


Best Way to Store Possessions When Moving Abroad ➤


Here’s how to store your belongings safely whilst you’re in the process of moving abroad.



using cheap self storage when moving abroad


Moving abroad is something many Brits opt to do often for sunnier weather, gorgeous beaches and a change in overall pace of life. This is even more prevalent at the moment with uncertain political times. If you’re in the process of moving abroad, there’s no doubt you’ve already realised that the logistics can be the most stressful part of the process. What to do with your things whilst you go through the process of researching and planning a move abroad is a bit tricky, because the process has so many ‘moving parts’. Did you know tat you can pay for a flexible space that is secure and easy to access throughout your moving process? Cheap self storage is a really good service to utilise when you’re moving abroad, here’s how:

Somewhere To Store Things During A Trial Before Moving Abroad

Lots of people do a trial move to their chosen country before they move properly. This may involve renting property out for six months, or even giving up a rental altogether and moving temporarily. Either way, you will want to store your things safely during that time and self storage can accommodate those needs. The length of time and the size of unit you opt for is up to you, so you have plenty of flexibility, leaving you free to focus on making your new location work.

A Secure Place For The Most Precious Things

It may be that you have certain items you don’t want to leave in the house whilst you spent a few weeks at a time abroad arranging the move. Having a facility with CCTV, locks, lighting, reception and security guards provides you with the peace of mind your things will be stored safely each and every time you lock them up and take a trip to your new country.

A Moving Abroad Middle-Ground

Logistics can be so challenging when you move abroad. What goes where, when? You have to organise key collections, drop offs, contracts, pets, children, and of course, your belongings. Having a middle-ground that not only you can access, but family can access or even an international moving company, is really useful.

Somewhere For Processing

If you have to empty your UK house for sale, or you’re sorting items out to sell but want them out of your house so you can focus on redecorating, cheap self storage is really useful. Items can be moved into and out of the space at your leisure, giving you the time to get the right price for high ticket items you need out of the house to clear space.

Moving abroad is really exciting, but the logistics can be extremely challenging. Cheap self storage can help you have an easier time managing where everything goes, without any pressure from estate agents or other issues that are commonly associated with property. With the help of a cheap self storage unit you’ll have more head space to focus on making this incredible move work for your family.


* FREE collection available for all rentals of 12 sq ft or 35 sq ft storage units for 6 months or more from locations in London, Surrey, Essex, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and other parts of mainland UK. For shorter rental periods and other parts of the south east of the country, we offer discounted collection rates so no need to rent a van. See our T&Cs.

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