There is plenty of information about the advantages of decluttering, but life is much simpler if clutter doesn’t build up in the first place. That’s not easy when you’re in the habit of accumulating belongings in your attic or garage. To help houses stay clear and clutter free, here are 5 tips to prevent clutter:


You may not feel your financial plans have anything to do with clutter, but they really do! Instead of spending money on endless accessories and purchases, budget to save for something big like a holiday or paying off your student loan, that way you’ll generate less ‘clutter’ because you’ll be busy saving.


Whether you need to shred a letter, or you need to put new gifts away, deal with the task when it happens. That means that you won’t create piles of things that become clutter over time.


If you’ve received gifts you know you won’t keep, put them straight by the front door to take out to a charity shop the next time you go out so you don’t accumulate more stuff than you need. The same goes for clothes that don’t fit or look good, or any other belongings you come across that you know you don’t want. If you don’t plan to keep it, don’t leave it to turn into clutter – get rid of it straight away.


Make sure that everything you own has a purpose, as it is often the items that do not have a purpose that turn into clutter over time. Every now and again, walk around and look at every single item in all of your rooms. Do you still use it? Does it work? Does it fit? As you notice items that are no longer relevant to you, pick them up and sort them out so they are either taken away from the house, fixed or thrown away. That way you’re constantly decluttering rather than having a mammoth decluttering task to do at any one time.


Sometimes we can get stuck into our regular cleans so much that we forget about the locations needing a little more attention every now and again. So the last of our tips to prevent clutter is doing a deeper clean. This means dealing with those clutter drawers, dusty corners and piles of clothes more regularly. This avoids the issues building and turning into a huge horrible clutter task that needs to be organised.


tips to prevent clutter

Keeping on top of things regularly means everywhere stays clear and clutter free, so you’re free to enjoy it with your family. If you’re regularly decluttering and still struggling for space with your loft and garage full to the brim, perhaps renting off-site external storage space is a good option for you. Secure storage units cost less than you might think to rent and the price is fixed for a year. Cheap storage units offer families the convenience of an easy to manage area to store belongings safely and at an affordable price so consider using these storage facilities to help you out.

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