Whether you are moving house, have a hobby which is taking up too much space in your home, or you just don’t have enough storage space, cheap self storage units with Storing.com could be the solution to your problems.

Here at Storing.com we can store those precious personal belongings in a secure, safe environment providing peace of mind for any items of financial or sentimental value. We take pride in offering a first class self storage service at competitive prices.

Hassle-Free Self-Storage

Here at Storing.com we take the hassle out of self-storage; you don’t have to deliver your belongings to our facilities and you don’t have to load your boxes into a storage unit. We are experts in managing your storage from collection and logistics through to delivery back to you when you are ready.

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London Self Storage with a Difference

  • Low prices all the time
  • Hassle free – no loading or transporting, this is done by an experienced 2-man team
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  • Prices Fixed for 1 year
  • No upfront deposit

With our service there is no need to hire a van; we collect from 7am daily Monday to Friday with our two-man team and load and security seal our smaller storage units at your door – a hassle-free storage solution that is cheaper than doing it yourself.

Self storage London and the surrounding areas can be expensive over long periods but here at Storing.com our affordable, secure and hassle-free self storage options have fixed rates guaranteed for 1 year so you know you are getting a great long term deal. That’s the Storing.com difference.


* FREE collection available for all rentals of 12 sq ft or 35 sq ft storage units for 6 months or more from locations in London, Surrey, Essex, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Leicestershire. For shorter rental periods and all other areas we offer discounted collection rates.

6 Reasons To Move To London

If you’re considering moving to a city, it might be worth considering London. Lots of headlines suggest it is far too expensive as a base for anybody, and there are some worrying reports of crime that could also put you off moving there. However, the media don’t report on all the great parts of London, which are important to know about if you are considering a move to a vibrant, beautiful city. London has so much to offer, it should definitely be on your list of possibilities when it comes to relocation.

Here are 6 reasons to move to London:

1. Job Opportunities

There are so many job opportunities in London. Finance, creativity, technology, fashion – there are so many hubs in London. Even if you’re going it alone and starting a business, you’re in a great place to meet like minded people and to make business connections.

2. Social Opportunities

Anything you’re interested in, there is a social group or event suited to you in London. With so many people in one place, you won’t struggle to meet people who are into the same things as you.

3. Countrywide & Worldwide Connections

The transport in London connects you well to the rest of the country, and the rest of the world. So if you are regularly needing to get to other cities either in the UK, or the rest of the world, you’re well positioned to make your connections.

4. Foodie Paradise

There’s such an incredible foodie scene in London if you love food, you’re going to be in heaven. From food stalls, tasting events and new restaurants and eateries opening and setting up every week, you can enjoy all that foodie London has to offer as regularly as you want to.

5. Various Places To Live

If you have a good budget, you can live in great spaces in London with gardens or, balconies overlooking the skyline. If you don’t have a good budget you can use self storage in London which enables you to live in a more compact place. Alternatively self storage in London enables you to cohabit with other working professionals so not only do you get great accommodation but you make friends too.

6. So Much To Do

There are so many free things to do in London you can have a grand day out without spending anything if you’re willing to do far more than the recommended daily 10,000 steps. If you’re willing to spend money there are endless opportunities for you to have a great time day and night. 24/7 casinos and bars, Chinese restaurants and clubs mean there’s a night scene to rival any major city across Europe. Cafes, galleries, museums, natural sights, parks and other attractions are available day to day for your entertainment and interest.

Moving to London is a great idea if you want to be in a vibrant, fast-paced city with so much to offer. Do your research first, especially if you are on a tight budget. Self storage in London is available, and there are cheap accommodation deals and cheap ways to get around, but the cost of living can be generally higher so do your sums before you make any commitments. With the right planning and an enthusiasm for adventure, you’ll be making memories in London in no time.

Essential Tips For Moving To London

Useful tips to help you move to London with less stress and more efficiency, leaving you room to enjoy this huge change in pace. 

Self Storage in London

Moving to London is not something people do lightly. That is because it is expensive, it is a  fast pace of life, and it is a real change from living outside of the city. Unlike moving to a house in your local town, moving to London takes a lot more planning. To help with your plan to moving to this incredible place, take a look at these essential tips for moving to London:

Have Alternative Accommodation

The best way to get a good deal on accommodation is to be in London and book viewings over the course of a week. If you want somewhere you have to act fast. Rather than commuting, have alternative accommodation booked and then hunt from there. This puts you in the perfect position to find the perfect place to live.

Get Back Into Life As Soon As You Can

When you move you may feel culture shock so it is important to get back into routine as soon as you can. Working, seeing friends and going for a sunday morning coffee all help with getting into routine again, and so, feeling more settled in.

Utilise Self Storage In London

Self storage in London is used by people who live there because the spaces most people live in are small. Some places are so small you don’t have room to have much of your own at all beyond the basics. So you don’t get rid of 90% of your things why not use London storage ? It is readily available, affordable, and means you can still have more space to store things without having to sacrifice the rental space you have which is very expensive per square foot.

Get Around As Often As You Can

Getting used to getting around and exploring London will help you avoid that suffocated inner city feeling you can get when you live in London. This is especially true when you go to the green spaces which remind you that London isn’t just concrete and glass!

Consider Whether A Car Is The Right Choice For You

Cars can be handy in London and if you can afford to have parking then of course, keep your car. However, it may not be the right choice if you don’t have the money or if you won’t be using a car at all. It can be so expensive getting parking permits, or even just paying the tolls, so you can settle for public transport, which does cover most of London, then ditch the car.

Moving to London is difficult, but it is also an amazing choice if you want an exciting life where even your commute to work everyday brings something different. Do plan ahead, plan and then plan again to ensure you get the best possible chance at getting great accommodation and then settling in.


A Mini Guide To The Best Car Boot Sales In London

Car boots can be great ways to buy and sell everything from clothes to antiques. Here are some of the best car boot sales in London to inspire your Sunday morning plans.

self storage in west London

Car boot sales are a great way to make a few quid of a Sunday if you have lots of clutter to get rid of. They are also great places to buy antiques, furniture and other unique pieces you may not find elsewhere. If you’re in the business of buying or selling in a buzzing, fun environment that changes every week, take a look at some of the best car boot sales in London to start your Sunday morning inspiration:

The Best Car Boot Sales In London

Wimbledon (Summerstown)

Wimbledon car boot is huge and there are usually thousands of stalls selling everything you can thing of. For sellers it may not be so good unless you know you have extremely desirable goods because there are so many stalls to compete with. For buyers (especially dealers) there is a £2 early bird entry you should definitely invest in because you get the first pick of the goods.

Battersea (Battersea Park School)

This high end car boot is popular among buyers who love everything and anything vintage. There won’t be any 50p or 3 for a £1 stalls here, but you could grab yourself a beautiful designer chair at a bargain price.

Holloway (Holloway Road)

Because it sits in a University area there are plenty of discounts for students on some stalls so students looking to pick up a bargain should head to this car boot. Otherwise, it hosts a wide range of reasonably priced stalls and is particularly great for book lovers. Plus, it is free to browse so you’ve nothing to lose by heading down for a meander.

Hounslow (Hounslow West Station Car Park)

An excellent car boot for second hand goods, this market is great for a spot of second hand clothes shopping and picking up fresh local produce for lunch too. You won’t find vintage here though so dealers look elsewhere.

Shepperton (New Road London)

Known for its friendly and well seasoned car boot sellers, this car boot is well established and has an eclectic mix of goods ranging from antiques stalls to rummage and find second hand clothes stalls.

Stoke Newington (Princess May School)

Very trendy, very hipster, the Princess May car boot is the place to be for all things vintage and designer. There are also some gorgeous culinary delights to be found on the market in the summer months.

Kings Cross (Lewis Cubitt Square)

This isn’t a weekly event, but it is a worthwhile event if you want some truly fun atmosphere to soak up whilst you buy. All the vendors dress up in period clothing and there is vintage everything to buy, as well as vintage cars to swoon over too! A fun and fancy event for those who are truly passionate about all things vintage.

Need Some More Room For Your Purchases?

If you are a professional buyer and seller at car boots, an antiques dealer, a vintage fashion fancier, or you simply love buying at car boots and don’t have the room at home for your habit, maybe its time you invested in some London storage. At units as small as a gym locker and flexible contracts, you could benefit from some extra space to support your car boot hobby. There is some excellent self storage in London, offering reasonable rates and excellent services. It could be exactly what you need to fully enjoy buying and selling at car boots.




How Self Storage Can Help You Make The Most Of Living In A City

Self storage can provide useful additional space when you’re paying a lot for inner city rentals or mortgages.


Living in London


In the same way many people move to the countryside to escape city life, there are people who love the city life and actively seek accommodation right there amongst the action. You may have also been forced to live in a city because of education or your new job.

In all cases, you’re going to pay more for where you live because prices are higher with the demand. There are numerous stories of people paying a premium for the tiniest of spaces in London, including broom cupboards and sheds! It is no different in other cities, which is why making the most of the space you have is so important.

There’s no need to live crushed amongst your things, or to have to get rid of everything precious to you. Instead, why not consider London storage to help you make the most of living in a city?

Extra Space Without The Associated Inner City Costs

Self storage provides you with the extra space you need to store your things safely and comfortably, without having to pay more rent or a higher mortgage for a bigger home. You can choose to use a space as small as a gym locker or as big as a football pitch if you need to, as well as everything in between. The contracts are also exceptionally flexible, so you’re not tied in for years on end.

The only downside is that your things are not within your immediate vicinity. However, that issue is easily overcome by only storing things that you do not require immediate access too. The items are then safely stored in your London self storage unit for a time when you need them, leaving you more space at home in the meantime.

Potential Uses For Your London Self Storage Unit

If you do opt to utilise self storage in London, there are many things you can do with your new space including, but not limited to:

● Storing bulky occasional sports equipment like bicycles, snowboards and skis
● Store your camping gear
● Storage of seasonal wardrobes and accessories
● Storing items you plan to place in a future bigger home following education or your work placement
● Safely storing hobby items
● Store away business stock
● Storing items you want to keep safe and secure because you live in shared accommodation

How you use your space is down to what will work best for you. But ultimately there are likely a thousand uses for extra space because you live in a city.

Find Self Storage In London Today To Help You Make The Most Of Living In A City

If you could benefit from additional space in your new digs in London, or any city, then self storage could be a really good option for you. Do visit the facility first, and do gather a range of quotes to increase your chance of getting the best deal for your area.

Hopefully once you have found the right place, you’ll be able to enjoy your accommodation more because you’ll have more space.

You can do this whilst also knowing you have easy access to your things as and when you need to, but without paying through the nose for it.

Moving House Tips - Invest In A Large Storage Unit Today

A large storage unit can be extremely helpful for house movers. If you’re downsizing, upgrading, renovating, or needing a space mid-move, a self storage unit can provide you with all the space you need.

Here are just some of the ways a large self storage unit can make your moving process easier, more convenient and much more streamlined:

Entire Room Content Storage

A large unit can take the entire contents of a room. So if you are renovating a kitchen, bathroom or building a shed, a large storage unit can take the entire contents of that room whilst you complete the work. It can also store a selection of large items like bed frames, sofas, refrigerators and ladders if you need to keep these items stored whilst you move.

self storage for classic car

Storing A Vehicle

If you are moving into a city or you’re downsizing, you may not have onsite parking. You may still want to keep a vehicle for travelling or commuting. If this is the case, a storage unit can keep your vehicle safe and protected from the weather. A self storage unit is also ideal for storing boats, camper vans and other vehicles that you may want to store for leisure use.

Keeping Items Secure Whilst Your House Is Worked On

Your new house may be being worked on by workmen and you may want to keep expensive sofas and ornaments safe until that work is over. Your storage unit will keep items completely protected until your workmen have finished, your new house is ready and your precious items need somewhere to go.


Storing Items During The ‘Settling Period’

There is a period of time when you move into a new house when you’re working out where everything should go, you’re settling in the kids and pets, and you’re cleaning the house top to bottom and carrying out essential maintenance. During this period it can be supremely handy to keep items stored in your unit and then move them back in at your own pace when you’re ready.

Avoiding Moving Costs

Having a company help you move is convenient but expensive. Instead, you could use your own vehicles to ‘go between’, keeping your items at the unit and ferrying back and forth into the new space when it is the right time. It will take more time but it will save you using a moving company.


Having An In Between Space When You’re In Between Homes

Maybe you have been living with your parents whilst you look for a home, or you’ve got a situation with a chain which has rendered you in between homes. External storage is really good for these situations because you don’t have to get rid of all your precious items just because you’re temporarily misplaced. You can use a large storage unit to keep all your items until you finally have the home you’ve been waiting for.

Storage is extremely useful for movers in all different kinds of situation. Consider investing in low cost London storage facilities today, to make your moving process much less stressful.