is a well-established self storage provider that offers a wide range of storage solutions for businesses of all sizes. From small, e-commerce startups that need flexible, low-cost storage for their merchandise, right up to large organisations that need complete logistics solutions including local, national and international collections and deliveries.


We understand that consumers expect to receive their purchases as swiftly as possible and that good quality storage in which stock can be well-organised means your business can efficiently deliver what your customers want.


So why struggle with inadequate or over-priced business storage?


At we provide the right storage at the right price that will help your business flourish.


And if your business needs collections, deliveries, inventory management, packaging or supply chain fulfilment then we can help with that too. We operate our own fleet of vehicles which all have satellite tracking so your business can trust us to deliver, and to deliver securely for complete peace of mind.


Benefits of Business Self Storage


  • Is your home, loft or garage overflowing with stock for your small e-commerce business? Gain dedicated storage space at low cost and free up space in your home.


  • Is your business inefficient because of a lack of well-organised storage space for stock items? Improve the organisation of your merchandise with a dedicated, low-cost storage space.


  • With business self-storage there are no long term commitments and you will have the flexibility to upsize or downsize as your business requires more or less space.


  • 24 hour secure access is available for all commercial storage customers renting our larger storage units.


  • Take advantage of our well-established logistics and distribution solutions to reduce the costs, and improve the efficiency, of your transportation, warehousing, packaging and distribution.


  • Do you currently rent warehouses or industrial units that are not justifying their high cost to your business? To see how much money you could save, why not speak to one of our friendly storage advisors and get a commercial storage quote


Businesses always need secure storage for merchandise, document archives, excess furniture or equipment, and their storage needs can change over time. provide the highest level of service, secure, low-cost commercial storage and the flexibility to change the amount of storage you need at any time with no long-term commitment. We provide the perfect, cost-effective alternative to expensive warehouse storage and industrial units.


And you can trust to keep your goods safe – safety and security are the foundation of our business so that we can provide your business with peace of mind. Our storage facilities are protected by:


  • closed circuit TV
  • electric fencing
  • security barriers
  • 24 hour security patrols
  • Individual unit protection (swipe cards or personalised seals) provides businesses with storage space in a wide range of sizes from our small 10 sq ft self storage units upwards. For larger companies we provide a complete distribution and supply chain fulfilment service and a variety of other commercial storage and distribution services for companies of all types. In conjunction with our long-established sister company Teamsters Logistics we can provide your business with a totally hassle-free commercial storage solution.


For any size business we handle collections, deliveries and distribution locally, nationally or internationally, letting you get on with growing your business.


Speak to one of our expert team on  08000 641 642  to find out how we can help your business whatever its size.