Ltd is a well-established storage provider that offers a wide range of storage solutions for businesses of all sizes. From startups that need flexible, low-cost storage for their merchandise, right up to large organisations that need complete logistics solutions including local, national and international collections and deliveries.


Flexible Storage Space
No Long-Term Commitments
Guaranteed Fixed Price
Packaging Products
Distribution Solutions


Improve Stock Management
Low-Cost Storage Space
Collection & Delivery Service
Supply Chain Fulfilment
Cheaper Than Warehouse Space


Improve Business Efficiency
Secure Storage Space
Inventory Management
Complete Logistics Solutions
Satellite-Tracked Vehicles


We understand that consumers expect to receive their purchases as swiftly as possible and that good quality commercial storage in which stock can be well-organised means your business can efficiently deliver what your customers want.

And if your business needs collections, deliveries, packaging or supply chain fulfilment then we can help with that too. We operate our own fleet of vehicles which all have satellite tracking so your business can trust us to deliver, and to deliver securely for complete peace of mind.

Benefits of Business Self Storage


    • Is your home, loft or garage overflowing with stock for your small e-commerce business? Gain safe storage space at low cost and free up space in your home.


    • Is your business inefficient because of a lack of well-organised storage space for stock items? Improve the organisation of your merchandise with a dedicated, commercial storage space.


    • With business self-storage there are no long term commitments and you will have the flexibility to upsize or downsize as your business requires more or less space on a short term basis.


    • Take advantage of our well-established logistics and distribution solutions to reduce the costs, and improve the efficiency, of your transportation, warehousing, packaging and distribution.


    • Do you currently rent warehouses or industrial units that are not justifying their high cost to your business? To see how much money you could save, why not speak to one of our friendly storage advisors and get a commercial storage quote


Hassle-Free Storage We Collect, We Store, We Deliver

Businesses always need secure storage for merchandise, document archives, excess furniture or equipment, and their storage needs can change over time. is more than just a self storage company – we provide the highest level of service, secure, low-cost commercial storage in London and surrounding areas, and the flexibility to change the amount of storage you need at any time with no long-term commitment. We provide the perfect, cost-effective alternative to expensive warehouse storage and industrial units. Or why not downsize your office space and store little used items with us?

And you can trust to keep your goods safe – safety and security are the foundation of our business so that we can provide your business with peace of mind. Our safe storage facilities are protected by:

  • Electrified Gate & Site Perimeter Fence
  • CCTV Systems
  • Police Response Intruder Alarm Systems
  • Authorised Access only


A flexible, cheaper alternative to traditional self-storage
LONDON STORAGE provides businesses with storage space in a variety of sizes from our small 12 sq ft self storage units upwards. For larger companies we provide a complete distribution and supply chain fulfilment service and a variety of other commercial storage and distribution services for companies of all types. In conjunction with our long-established sister company Teamsters Logistics we can provide your business with a totally hassle-free storage solution.

For any size business we handle collections, deliveries and distribution locally, nationally or internationally, letting you get on with growing your business.

Speak to one of our expert team on  08000 641 642  to find out how we can help your business whatever its size. We provide business storage services for companies of all sizes including container destuffing, garage storage, international transportation, pallet storage and storage fulfilment and distribution.


Why Your Startup Doesn’t Need Physical Office Space ➤

Find out why your new business venture can succeed without the expensive overheads associated with a physical office space..
Commercial Storage Units

When you think about starting a business and employing people you might envision a small office space with employees interacting and exchanging ideas and hopefully winning successes in the growth of the company. However, this kind of scene isn’t necessarily going to be your reality. New businesses do not always need to have a physical office space any more.

Of course there are benefits to having an office. You have somewhere to take clients and have meetings with them. Also, you have storage space for stock and paperwork. Then you have a dedicated space to focus on work without any distractions. Lastly, you get to leave the office behind at the end of a day and create space between work and home life.

See how much you can save on commercial storage costs

But those benefits absolutely do not outweigh the amazing benefits to not having an office as a startup company. There are some incredible benefits to getting rid of an office, including but not limited to:

The Savings

You can save money avoiding the costs of office hire which can be absolutely shocking and high if you are hiring in a city space. They can cost thousands of pounds you could be spending on all kinds of new growth for your company.

You’ll Embrace Online Team members

These days you do not have to have local employees. Using Skype, conference calls, social media and other technology you can hire people all over the world if you want to, they do not have to be in the physical space of an office.

Your Growth Is Under Your Control

You don’t need to worry about the costs of your office hindering the next step of growth in your business. You also don’t need to worry about how to pay for the office if your company needs to take a step back. By avoiding committing to an office you benefit from the freedom to grow and shrink your new company as you need to.

Worried About Storage Space?

You may wonder how you will store your stock, office equipment or other business items if you don’t have an office. You might not have room at home, or you may not want to fill your home with business goods.

The solution to this is commercial storage in London. You can pay for a unit as small or as large as you need, and flexible access and rates mean you can use the unit as you need to, and you can get a smaller or bigger unit as you need to.

We provide a whole range of other services related to storing paperwork and records such as: document storage, managed storage, vital document storage and medical records storage. We also offer records storage guidance to help your business effectively manage and store important records.

If you get a good internet connection at home or in your local coffee shop and you utilise the exceptional business benefits of a business storage unit you have no need to pay through the nose for an office for your startup. You can save all that money and save yourself that restricted contract today, benefiting your new business now and in the future.

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Storage Advice To Help You Make The Most Of Your Space ➤

When you invest in business storage with you will be getting an unbeatable price for extra space for your personal belongings or business items, but it still makes sense to make the most of your space and only pay for what you really need..


Here’s how to make the most of every bit of space in your storage unit:


1. Document Everything

You’re not trying to reinvent Aladdin’s cave here, you should be able to find everything you want to find in your unit especially the items stored in boxes that can be difficult to find at a later date. You can document where each item is stored in whatever way you find most helpful but remember there’s no point in writing a list on paper if you’re going to lose it. Instead why not use the ‘notes’ app on your phone, use your diary or an Excel spreadsheet – whatever works for you. Make a diagram, write a reference with numbers or even Disney names that correspond with boxes – as long as you’re fully documenting item locations then you have a way to identify where your items are and retrieve them when the time comes. The only rule is to make sure you keep your list or diagram up to date if you occasionally remove items from storage or move boxes around.


Business storage for new startup business


2. Keep Access

If you have a large unit, you need to make sure you keep a pathway to the back of the unit to enable you to easily gain access to all of your things without having to unload the whole storage unit to get to something at the back. Keep any items you think you may want to access regularly at the front of the unit.


3. Use All The Space

Remember storage units can be high so make sure you utilise all of your space by stacking items safely. Our 160 sq ft unit for instance is 237cm high (that’s 7′ 9″) so about as tall as the average ceiling height in a house. If you are stacking boxes then make sure that they are sturdy enough to take the weight of what is placed on top of them. If they are being stored long term, remember they may slowly crush the boxes below or start to lean if the stack is not secure.


4. Have A Little ‘Useful’ Area

Have a small area within the unit where you keep scissors, a cardboard cutting knife, tape, labels, pens, paper and anything else useful in unpacking and packing boxes back up. This saves you having to leave the unit to pack and unpack.


5. Protect Your Belongings

Make sure you package your items properly. Use materials like foam pieces, cloth, sturdy packing boxes and labels. Different items need caring for in different ways so do your research – especially if your items are worth a lot of money, or they have sentimental value and cannot be replaced.


6. Adapt The Space To Suit Your Needs

Don’t be afraid to adapt the space to suit your needs – you’re paying for it after all, so optimise away! Perhaps you used to use it for your hobby but you’ve started an online business and it is a store room now so you need to clear space. Maybe you put items in it that need a cooler temperature so you need to use temperature control.


7. Spring Clean!

Make sure you have regular spring cleans so you’re not paying for space you don’t need. Get rid of any rubbish whenever possible, and look over your list of stored items regularly to consider whether or not you still want them. You might be able to downsize and pay less.

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7 Businesses That Could Benefit From Using Self Storage ➤

Find out about 7 professions that could benefit from the many advantages of self storage.

Self storage is a service where a person rents a unit which could be a storage container, or something more like a garage. It could even be a gym locker or something small, or maybe a huge football field sized space. The spaces are always secure, dry, clean and often temperature controlled. Domestic users have always benefited from using self storage, but more recently, business users have started to reap the rewards too as they recognise the many benefits of the service.

Do you own a business? Could you benefit from using storage?

Here are 7 professions that could benefit from using business storage:

1. Food Trucks

Food trucks are likely to have a lot of items they need to stock up on or use regularly but they don’t have room to store those items. Commercial self storage offers a space to store items between refills.

2. Crafts

If you make crafts to sell and it isn’t just a hobby sized business, you may need extra space to stock both craft supplies and finished products you sell. It can also be a handy space to use for order fulfillment.

3. Wine Dealer

Wine needs very specific storage to keep it in good condition and with temperature controlled storage you can create the perfect conditions to store wine as you collect it and sell it on.

See how much you can save on storage rates


4. Antiques Dealer

Antiques can be worth a lot of money and self storage is often more secure than any home and often more secure than a warehouse. Self storage is a great place for storing antiques if you deal in them.

5. Upcycler

If you upcycle items for a living then you need to be able to pick stock up to store it before you sell it on, and it is likely to be large and bulky too, so a space separate from your home is even more useful. The money of your business comes from the upcycling, which is why ideally items you upcycle are free or very cheap so it pays to be able to buy it or collect it when it becomes available.

6. Photographer

If you are a mobile photographer you may have lots of equipment that you need to chop and change. Equipment that is expensive and may not be suitable for storage in a van or even in your home. This is especially true if you have large backdrop rolls and accessories. Because business storage is temperature controlled it is especially useful for photography equipment.

7. Marketing

If you need to market items you sell at trade shows a lot, or you setup at festivals or anywhere you need a large stand, then self storage could be really useful. It can also be a great place to prepare marketing materials before a big show.

These are just a few of the professions that can benefit from cheap self storage. Many businesses can benefit from self storage in many different ways. Perhaps today is the day you look into this amazing service and how it could benefit your business.


Why Choose Climate Controlled Storage? ➤

Find out why storage can be even better at keeping your things in good condition with a climate controlled unit.

A micro climate representing climate controlled storage

Self storage is a flexible, helpful and convenient service that helps both domestic and business customers enjoy extra space at affordable rates.

When you look for business storage you might look for the following benefits:

  • Helpful staff who are friendly and get back to your enquiries quickly
  • A good location that helps you gain easy access to your things
  • Flexibility of unit size enabling you to get the right size for your needs at any one time
  • Affordable cost that reflects the quality of the self storage company and what they offer
  • Extra services at cost, such as removals
  • 24/7 reception
  • Flexible contracts that enable you to switch unit size easily, and that don’t tie you down to several months of commitment at a time
  • Excellent security

All of the above are important things to look for when you choose business storage in London (or local to you). One thing you may not have considered a priority when choosing a self storage facility is climate controlled self storage. In the UK, we are very seasonal and temperatures can fluctuate massively. This can be a real issue for belongings which can respond to extreme temperatures. Wood can expand and contract, electronics can break, and wine can be totally ruined in temperature fluctuations.

With that in mind, it is worth considering a cheap climate controlled self storage which keeps the unit at a constant temperature year round. Here are a few reasons why climate controlled self storage is a good idea:

If You Store Certain Items

Wooden furniture, wine, leather, appliances, electronics, vinyl, vehicles, artwork, clothing, expensive hobby items, paperwork and photos are just some of the items sensitive to temperature and high levels of moisture. Self storage with climate control can protect those items well.

You Want Optimum Control

Climate control gives you that little bit more control over the condition of your items. It means that you can be even more sure your things will be in the same condition as when you left them.

You Want Choice

Climate controlled business storage can often be operated per unit, which gives you the choice of temperature. So if you are holding wine or something with an optimum climate need, then climate control can be extremely helpful.

A Sign Of A Great Facility

Climate control shows that the facility want to provide as much choice and quality in their service as possible. Often, facilities who take great pride in having the latest security systems, technology and tools will have climate control because they want to provide the best possible benefits to their customers.

If you are thinking about commercial storage then why not consider climate control as a benefit you want as part of your contract? At the very least it will afford you more choice in the climate you hold your items in, and at the most, it till help you to properly protect sensitive materials dabs belongings from damaging temperature fluctuations.

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