Reclaim valuable work space by storing your archived documents off site in our secure facilities.

We collect and deliver daily in and around central London with our own fleet of vehicles providing a low cost document storage service for businesses in the City, Central and Greater London with fast access and retrieval from your archives.

We offer a full range of archive boxes, if required, or can store your own boxes and cater for all types of document storage, such as:

  • Personnel records
  • Invoices
  • Customer orders
  • Medical Records
  • Architect plans

You will have the certainty of knowing your data archives are in good hands in the most economical and the most appropriate method of storage. This relieves you and your staff of the headache of managing your document archive.

Scanning & Data Management

For added simplicity, security and peace of mind our dedicated Document Management department can arrange electronic scanning and categorising of your documents and a professional data management solution to allow documents to be easily accessed from anywhere whilst providing an effective disaster recovery system.

Secure Destruction

Here at we understand the importance of protecting confidential personal information and sensitive corporate data so we provide secure destruction of all your documentation to ensure compliance with current regulations.

Get in Touch Today

If you have any questions about document scanning, archive storage in London and records management please call us now on 08000 641 642 and we’d be happy to talk through your specific requirements. Alternatively Contact Us by Email


A flexible, cheaper alternative to traditional self-storage