Here at we have the latest security technology. You can be assured that your property and valuables are in very Safe Keeping.

Safety & Security Systems at

  • Satellite Vehicle Tracking –’s fleet is equipped with a Satellite Vehicle Tracking System. This reports the location of each vehicle every 60 seconds, meaning that the location of your precious possessions is known from the time they leave your property until they reach our facility.
  • Electrified Gate & Site Perimeter Fence – Physical deterrents are essential to good security. We have both security gates and electrified induced-pulse perimeter fencing.
  • CCTV Systems – As well as constant daytime surveillance, our motion-activated system records any out-of-hours movements, with remote, real-time monitoring.
  • Police Response Intruder Alarm Systems – Our facilities sophisticated alarm system, specified by all leading insurers, links directly to a control centre, to ensure fastest-possible police response in the unlikely event of an incident. Combined with our Closed Circuit TV system, it presents a powerful deterrent to intruders.
  • Authorised Access – For authorised staff and customers accessing their property only.

High levels of security underpin’s entire business. We take the Safe Keeping of your possessions very seriously indeed.

A flexible, cheaper alternative to traditional self-storage


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Your Safety

When on site, please follow our safety guidance notes.

» Please click here for safety guidance notes for Bletsoe (64K PDF)