At all of our self storage sites offer highly secure storage for your personal or business needs. Safety and security are the foundation of our business so you can rest assured that your valuable possessions are safe with us in one of our high-security facilities.


We offer two different types of storage sites with different access requirements so depending on whether, or how often, you might need to visit your storage unit we will advise you on the best storage location.


If you are storing personal household goods while you move house or relocate temporarily overseas then it is unlikely you will need to access your stored items very often. In these situations our facility which requires 24 hours’ notice for access and allows only office-hours access could be right for you.


If, on the other hand, you are storing business merchandise for a round-the-clock e-commerce business then the most suitable storage facility would be one with free 24/7 secure access so that you can visit your storage unit and retrieve goods at any time that suits you.


Small Storage Unit Access

10 or 35 sq. ft. storage units

Available at our high-security Bletsoe facility. For your security and the security of your stored items we require photo IDs for all access (Full UK Driving Licence or Passport) and 24 hours’ notice.

Secure access during office hours.

Our high security storage offers peace of mind for all personal or commercial storage needs .

Please click here for map and directions to our Bletsoe facility

24/7 Access Storage Units

160 and 320 sq. ft. storage units

Available at our high-security Bletsoe facility with FREE 24/7 secure access via a personal swipe card.

FREE 24/7 secure access

Our high-security self-storage offers excellent value for money for a range of personal and commercial storage needs.

Please click here for map and directions to our Bletsoe facility


For all of our storage units, and whatever location, we offer a collection and delivery service to save you the hassle of hiring a van or transporting the items to storage. For personal storage this could mean that when you move out of one home and again when you move to your new home you would never need to be involved in the actual moving process. And for commercial storage we can take delivery of large inbound shipments for you – another way that takes the hassle out of self-storage.


Did you know there is another way take the hassle out of self-storage?


Find out about our unique Move & Save offer


If your possessions are already stored at another over-priced self-storage provider why not move to and save money with our unique Move & Save offer. We will collect your items from your existing self-storage facility and move them to where we guarantee you will get a better deal. We don’t offer introductory discounts but we do offer permanently low, fixed self-storage prices. Compare our self storage prices to see just how much you could save.